Columbus, OH, Germain Amphitheater, July 23, 2005

Written and photos by: Jason Perlman


There always seems to be the one successful band that becomes the battering ram for those that need a target for the arrows being tossed. Poison took some arrows while selling millions, Nickelback took more than most and now, even after selling millions of records and being he number one selling band, 3 Doors Down has become the poster children for successful rockers. But don't judge the band before checking out the live show they put together.


Although hard rockers say 3 Doors Down is too light for their taste, after all most of their top singles are slowed down versions of what is playing on many hard rock stations, 3 Doors Down can become the heavy band that they are being put down for not being. Especially when in front of a near-capacity crowd at Germain Amphitheater.


Following Staind may not be an easy chore for most bands, but 3 Doors Down came out with a stage packed with cogs and grinders and quickly wrapped the thousands around their collective finger. As most bands look for ways to cut down a live show to keep it simple, 3 Doors Down took everything into consideration, from the pyros to the lights, and made every aspect of their theatrics a part of their performance. It was most evident when the band broke into Kryptonite and the back screen took on a comic-book feel spelling out the lyrics for all to sing along.


Although Mississippi may more be thought of as a backwoods state than a land of hard rockers, a place where entertainment is playing a jug on the broken down front porch rather than Gibson's on a amphitheater stage, singer Brad Arnold and the rest of the band prove there are definitely an exception to the rule. But it seems that a lot of the success of the band can be related to the simplicity that the band grew up with in Mississippi. 3DD is not a band where their ego stands in the way of their fans, nor a band that lets it get in the way of their writing. These five guys are more humble and simple than most local bands, and that aura and straightforwardness creeps through each chord, harmony and down beat in a way that is not in your face, look-how-nice-we-are, but rather it is their real selves being put forth. And with the attitude of like us or hate us, we are not trying to please anyone, 3DD is relating to many fans of non rock music as well, bringing in country fans at a pace faster than a NASCAR race.


Almost unbelievably, 3 Doors Down is on tour with just their third full release, Seventeen Days, yet it would seem as though the bands arsenal of hits would stem from a dozen hit records. In just five years, 3DD has become one of the top selling and tour drawing bands in the States, and it was done without gimmicks, high-priced publicity or MTV marketing. The band has made their success on their music, and like them or hate them, it cannot be denied that 3DD is a true and honest band with themselves and their fans. Which is more than a lot of today's media-generated bands and singers can say.

This was one of the year's most entertaining performances to take place at Germain Amphitheater, and although this is the band critics and music "purists" love to hate, it would be hard to convince the almost 15,000 in the crowd otherwise. And for 3DD, that audience is all that matters to them, anyway.

Chris Henderson
Brad Arnold
Matt Roberts
Brad Arnold
Brad Arnold
Brad Arnold & Matt Roberts