Columbus, OH, Promowest Pavilion, June 29, 2005

Written and photos by: Jason Perlman


For Seether, it has been life on the road, and whatever else could be fit between. It seemed like for three years, Seether toured under Disclaimer or Disclaimer II. And just when it seemed it was time for the band to veer off the road and write for a new record, another single would grab hold and the tour would extend.

But, after all that time, Seether took a few weeks off and wrote Karma and Effect and gave fans some more of their South African metal. Although many critics likened the band as another Nirvana-wannabe, Seether has definitely found a bit more of themselves on their second full release, and it is showing in their live performances.

Although their first single, Remedy, definitely has the catchy metal formula to be radio friendly, songs like Burrito and The Gift help make Seether a more personal band as singer/guitarist Shaun Morgan has worn a bit more of himself on his sleeve.


Playing Promowest seemed a large task for this band, but once the first chords of Gasoline started the show, it quickly filled in up front with pumping fists and hoarse voices singing back to the dark singer.


Although Morgan and bassist Dale Stewart are the only long-time members, Seether appears to have found a comfort zone on stage and in the studio. Both the studio album and the live show have proven Seether as one of the top bands, and what they don't bring to the stage has become their calling card. Nowhere will you find flashy dances, guitar twirls or foot-on-the-monitor poses. Their hour-plus set was almost like watching a quality local band. No antics, just straight up metal the way Seether likes to play it, hard and obnoxious. The night wouldn't be complete unless Broken was played, but when Amy Lee came out, it was quite the shock and surprise for many.


For a last-minute addition show (taking over the date The Black Eyed Peas cancelled), Seether helped to make what looked like a smaller crowd in a big venue seem jam-packed. Morgan's vocals and almost lack of flair help to make the focus on him, and with dark lights and sultry metal, Seether proved to their fans that the band is only getting better with age. And as many fans would attest, it was great to see Seether with new music and a new sense of self.


Seether will be bringing their style of metal to shows all summer long. Let's just hope it's not another three summers before there is new music for the shows.

Shaun Morgan
Dale Stewart
Dale Stewart
Patrick Callahan
John Humphrey
Shaun Morgan