Columbus, OH, Lifestyles Community Pavilion, December 7, 2005

Written and photos by: Jason Perlman


Since their departure from TVT records, fan-friendly Sevendust ventured out in the world on financial freedom and independence as it formed it's own label (7Bros) to release the bands fifth studio record, Next. Along with the new label, the band also has a new guitarist in Sonny Mayo. Aptly titled Next, Sevendust has moved on in both band line-up and attitude. Next may be the bands heaviest record to date, and its live performance was no different than the record.


Sevendust has never been afraid to go a bit off the beaten path, as their 2003 acoustic tour proved, but on this tour with Mudvayne, Sevendust has gone back to its roots and put together a high-energy, extremely heavy rock show. Anyone who was caught in from of the subwoofers placed in the security pit looked more like the Memorex guy sitting in the chair with his hair blowing back then a concert attendee.

Vocalist Lajon Witherspoon, no matter how heavy the set may be, is always able to add soul and wonderful harmonies to the show to counterbalance the heart-dropping bass and ear piercing guitar riffs.


Newcomer Mayo is also able to add some new-school stage antics to the more laid-back metal mentality of fellow guitarist Clint Lowery. The first single off Next is a single called Ugly, which could easily explain some aspects of the music industry today. But it seemed when it comes to the rawest form of music, live performance, Sevendust still excels and puts together a show that always leaves its fans ecstatic.


Although Sevendust has performed several sold-out shows at the Newport Music Hall, the band again ventures a new path as an opening band for Mudvayne on The Masters of Horror tour, which the title itself seems a bit far fetched for this southern hard rock band. Although the name of the tour may not have fit with the band's former image, Sevendust proved it could very easily play as loud and hard as one of today's most loved bloodied metal bands, Mudvayne. And for the younger kids in the crowd there to see Mudvayne, it would seem many came away as Sevendust fans as well.


With a much shorter set than normal, and now with another record more than normal, Sevendust had to really put an effort in their set list to show a representation that covered the many years the band has been playing on the road. And rather than just play hits, Sevendust rallied their set list around anger and aggression and stuck with their heavier songs rather than relying just on the chart toppers. It both played well for the Masters of Horror tour, but it also gave fans a sense that Sevendust is not resting on their laurels, but is rather out to capture new fans and grow its already large family of fans. Witherspoon and company proved that Sevendust is not just a band that are satisfied with success, but are proving to be a group of guys who are pissed off at the world around them and want to take it over.

Sonny Mayo
Clint Lowery
Lajon Witherspoon
Lajon Witherspoon
Vincent Hornsby
Morgan Rose