Columbus, OH, Promowest Pavilion, May 11, 2005

Written by: Heather Jackson


Simple Plan helped to kick off the first outdoor concert season of 2005 at Promowest Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio with about as much spirit and vivacity as any Canadian can muster. Although its name may suggest what the members do may be an easy formula, their live performance was far from simple. Just minutes before the band was to take the stage, the clouds opened up and a steady rain began to fall almost as fast as the temperature. The day started in the mid-80s, but by the time 8:30pm rolled around and the band took the stage, there was a 15-degree drop in temperature. But that didn't stop the great show that was produced.


Simple Plan came out on the stage full of energy and emotion. They were jumping all over the place and didn't let the lightening or rain-soaked stage stop them. From drenching the already soaked crowd with water bottles to actually coming out and joining in the teen-ridden, hop-along pit, front man Pierre Bouvier didn't hold back. But to get the full experience, Bouvier cannot be the only member in the spotlight, as now with two records under their belt and a lot of small club touring, the band behind Bouvier has stepped it up as well. Bassist David Desrosiers has maybe made the biggest improvement in stage presence, while guitarists Jeff Stinco and Sebastian Lefbvre were as solid as always. And as with any good power-pop, the drumbeat provides the groove, and Chuck Comeau was providing just that beat to get Bouvier marching.

Quoting their website, "Simple Plan is not a punk band, a pop band, a rock band or whatever label you can come up with... they are just a great band... a band that strives to write great songs and put on a hell of a show!" From their performance tonight and with the reaction of the near-sold out crowd, it would be hard to argue that point.

They sang all the crowd favorites, from the energetic "Addicted" and "Shut Up" to the polar opposite of what almost every kid in attendance was feeling, "Worst Day Ever." It was when the band broke into their latest single, "Untitled," that even non-Simple Plan fans had to feel a tug at their heart. This is a song with a strong message. It gives a clear view of what drinking and driving can do and the affects it can cause. Not only is it a catchy super ballad, but this one song and video helps to vindicate and prove that the band can stray from its party aura and provide some seriousness and sincerity into what most would consider a bubble gum punk band.


Simple Plan will be on tour with Good Charlotte now through the end of the summer.

Sébastien Lefebvre
Pierre Bouvier
Pierre Bouvier
Chuck Comeau
Jeff Stinco
David Desrosiers