Columbus, OH, Newport Music Hall, November 7, 2005

Written and photos by: Jason Perlman


With only being the second night of the tour, Monday proved to be anything but a strange experience as Chicago's The Redwalls hit the Newport Music Hall stage in support of the Hot Hot Heat. Supporting their second record, De Nova, The Redwalls proved to be a solid mix of Chicago-based blues and 60s protest rock. With 40 minutes to prove their worth to the Hot Hot Heat fans, The Redwalls wasted no time in performing their edgy blue rock, and at the same time, moved at a leisurly pace to give the audience time to soak in the sounds they were hearing.


Although it would have been easy and cliché for The Redwalls in inundate the crowd with offerings from De Nova, the band went back to their first record, Universal Blues, to bring to light some of their earlier work. And rather than play what many would want to hear in their rendition of Speed Racer, The Redwalls stuck to their blues roots for this gig and put on a tight show laced in old-school rock.

The beauty of The Red Walls is its style and stage persona. Straight from the 1970s, The Redwalls include the entire band in all they do. Brothers Logan and Justin Baren along with Andrew Langer take turns at the mike much like one can see in the Eagles, and drummer Ben Greeno adds enough antics to make The Redwalls a true band, with no front person. Stand-out songs include Love Her and Falling Down of De Nova and It's Alright off Univeral Blues. These are great representations of the young band's ability to be much more mature than some acts twice their age.


Although one can wonder if The Redwalls matured into their current sound or were given a push from the label to become more rock friendly over blues heavy, The Redwalls' De Nova contains some great new millennium old-school sounds. The sound the band puts out seems almost too mature for the young, big-haired performers, but that can easily be set aside once one knows this band partied with Oasis on Oasis' home turf of the UK.


For now, The Redwalls will cross the good ol' U.S. of A. in support of The Hot Hot Heat, but it may not be long before the band catches a buzz and even headlining a place like the Newport may be a thing of the past.

Justin Baren
Logan Baren
Jordan Kozer
Logan Baren