Columbus, OH, Newport Music Hall, October 21, 2006


Written and photos by: Jason Perlman


In Columbus, a football Saturday can only be described as an added city-wide holiday as the streets are nearly empty when Ohio State takes the football field. And aside from keg parties and lighting couches on fire, usually the campus area is filled with alumni and current students battling out for who can drink more beer without getting arrested or passing out. So when Buckcherry decided to play a campus-area club, the Newport Music Hall, after a football Saturday, who knew what to expect.


For all was well in the world of straight-up rock and roll 70s style, as the Newport was nearly sold-out and packed with Ohio State football jerseys mixed with black concert T-shirts now faded gray.


The bill also featured Crossfade, which did an admiral job of getting the crowd ready for Josh Todd and the boys of LA to make their much-anticipated Columbus appearance. And as soon as Todd hit the stage in his leather, the crowd responded with eager responsiveness. Beginning the set with So Far, it only took mere minutes for the band to fall into their rock and roll world and show the fans what the concert world was like 25 years ago. With raunchy innuendos and not-so-subtle guitar licks, Buckcherry allows the audience to leave the world of work, bill-paying worries, and dare I say OSU football, and transplants those same music fans into a world of sex, parties and debauchery.


Although Buckcherry filled almost 30 minutes with great rock and roll and memorable harmonies and sing-along choruses, it wasn't until Crazy Bitch was played that nearly every girl in the crowd started moving and every pair of eyes on a male went from staring at the tattooed lead singer to which ever female happened to be grinding in a 5-foot radius.

From Crazy Bitch, Buckcherry again rattled off rock and roll anthem after rock and roll anthem, and every once in a while mixed in the signature rock ballad or dirty talk from the stage. Buckcherry was at home in the club environment, and for those that saw the band in Dayton at the X-Fest in the sweltering heat and sunshine can attest, indoors with a bar close by is where Buckcherry belongs. Todd is the ultimate rock frontman and the band does a great job of taking notice when prompted, but allowing Todd to command the stage and the band's performance.


Once Todd's shirt comes off, hit signature tattoo of the King of Hearts on his back and the one-word slogan of "CHAOS" (complete with anarchy A) on his stomach have been his mainstay since Buckcherry first broke on the scene in the 1990s. But the band is anything but chaos as there is a method to the madness and Todd is one rock and roll songwriter whom has never been given his due. Much like Nikki Sixx, Todd doesn't write for the critics, he writes for the masses. And his tales of sexual prowess, ass-kicking and drinking binges are all relatable to everyday people and it is the everyday people that filled the Newport, drank lots of $7 draft beers and most likely either got in a fight or laid (and probably both) once leaving the Buckcherry show.

Josh Todd
Josh Todd
Keith Nelson
Keith Nelson & Stevie D
Xavier Muriel
Jimmy "Two Fingers" Ashhurst