Columbus, OH, Lifestyles Community Pavilion, May 9, 2006


Written and photos by: Jason Perlman


Since the inception of the band, it seems Fall Out Boy has secretly and silently built a legion of fans from across the globe while initially being on Fueled By Ramen records. From their early appearances playing the side stage on a Blink 182 tour to playing the small club Flannigan's, more known for sand volleyball than concerts, Fall Out Boy continues to defy critics and twenty-something music fans alike by selling hundreds of thousands of records and selling out venues in hours when platinum selling artists can only half-fill the venue.


Even with little critical praise, kids have flocked to Fall Out Boy like moths to a flame due mostly to the fact that the lyricist Pete Wentz. Although the vocals are delegated to singer/guitarist Patrick Stump, for the new record From Under the Cork Tree, the entire band had more input in musical decisions and it turned out to be a much more well-rounded record.


Although there was a long hiatus between recordings, Fall Out Boy was anything but last as they spent countless days on the road and also took their time to write a more sophisticated and mature record. That time on the road has definitely made Fall Out Boy a much more improved live act. From the early days as a side stage act or small club band, Fall Out Boy used that time to really work on their live sound and stage presence, and now that they are selling out venues of 10,000 or more, the band has used that experience not just to sound better live, but to put together a stage show that shows the fans how much the band appreciates those paying $30 or more to walk in the gate.

As much as critics want to diss Fall Out Boy for immaturity, it is that style of childishness that makes the band so appealing. Rather than try to right the next deep, philosophical song, Wentz writes a fun song called I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me. This is just testament that the band is not taking themselves or the career of music seriously, but after listening to the entire hour-plus set, the band does take their music serious.


After selling out Lifestyles Community Pavilion less than a year ago, Fall Out Boy returned with yet another sellout show, perhaps playing a smaller venue for the final time in Columbus. This band is ready for the arena circuit, and not just because they can sell tickets. Fall Out Boy is a tremendous live band who puts everything into ensuring the fans walk away talking about the experience for years. Much like his lyrics prove, Wentz is a fan of music as well as a player, and it shows in the band that each member wants to act as if everyone in the audience is at their first concert and they want to make sure it is a memorable one.

Songs like Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued, Dance Dance and Saturday are great songs to transform from a record to a live occurrence, and Went, Stump, Andrew Hurley and Joseph Trohman do everything they can each night to make sure every fan walks away with a smile on their face and with memories of a lifetime.

Pete Wentz & Patrick Stump
Joe Trohman
Andy Hurley
Patrick Stump
Patrick Stump
Pete Wentz