Columbus, OH, Newport Music Hall, February 16, 2006


Written and photos by: Jason Perlman


There may not be many bands more suited to host the Girls Gone Wild tour than Hinder. Sure, there are bands that sell more records, have more fans or can sell more tickets, but the attitude and straight-up sex, drugs and rock and roll sound of Hinder gives them an edge to play a tour like this that many bands lack.


With some success coming from their single "Get Stoned," Hinder has been able to steadily climb the ranks of popular rock bands, and with a sound that can be compared to megastars Three Doors Down and maybe even a hint of Matchbox 20, Hinder has a radio-friendly sound that still contains some underlying rebelliousness. So when Hinder took the stage at the Newport Music Hall as a headliner, there was a swagger and confidence that has seems to have been with the band since opening shows at the same venue.


Before Hinder could take the stage, about 10 women from the audience came on stage to show off their thongs (or whatever kind of undies they had on at the time) for the GGW cameras and crowd. And even that couldn't put a crimp in Hinder's plans as they took the stage with a cockiness that rock bands should have. The somewhat sparse, yet overly active crowd was into the show from chord one, and although it seemed many were in attendance for either one of two reasons, GGW or "Get Stoned," Hinder began winning fans over with each song it played.


Songs like "Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know)" and "How Long" seem to have as much resonance with the audience as their radio hit "Get Stoned." Their Universal release Extreme Behavior is a record that seemed to come from the ashes and found a chord with radio listeners across the country, and as Hinder continues its grassroots efforts of constant touring, this may be a band that rises much like a band like Shinedown. It may take a few singles for Hinder to break out, but Extreme Behavior is filled with singles that can be as radio friendly as they can be personal.


Singer Austin Winkler performs much like his personal idol, Josh Todd of Buckcherry. With a signature gravel-ridden voice and long, lanky frame, the only thing missing from Winkler to be a near clone of his hero is giant tattoos. Like Todd, Winkler uses his voice to display emotion through each song, and seems to get more gravely as the song gets more emotional. And the band behind Winkler may not be the most spectacular, but they are very solid. Much like Three Doors Down and Shinedown, the band adds such a solid element to the performance that it almost goes unnoticed. There are few shining moments for the band to stand out, but each song is played with precision and that, for a live show, come sometimes outweigh the bedazzling.

Hinder will continue to tour throughout the summer, and as other singles begin to hit the airwaves, it wouldn't be surprising to see Hinder continuing to perform headlining shows, and maybe next time, selling them out.

Austin Winkler
Girls Gone Wild
Mike Rodden
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Austin Winkler
Mike Rodden