Columbus, OH, Newport Music Hall, November 12, 2006


Written and photos by: Jason Perlman


The road for Hinder may not have been the less traveled road, but the success waiting at the end of the journey was no walk in the park, either. Playing show after show and city after city was par for the course for the band, whose first single Get Stoned got the band noticed on hard rock stations across the country, only garnered the band limited, but dedicated support. So, for months Hinder crisscrossed across Columbus and the rest of Ohio with a positive mental attitude and a rock-and-roll lifestyle that finally reached beyond the diehard fans with the release and popularity of its power ballad Lips of an Angel.


It seemed that one can put on any radio station and be guaranteed to hear that song at least once every few hours. Lips of an Angel was the song the band needed to get past the initial fan surge and propel the band to sell out the Newport Music Hall in a few weeks time.


Although Hinder has played the Newport several times, including one other as a headliner in front of a few hundred fans, this night proved special to the band as their sense that rock and roll is about sex and drinking rang true through the entire 70-minute set. Vocalist Austin Winkler is the personification of rock and roll with his slim frame, various tattoos and unkempt hair that looks as if it is washed only when sober, which may not bee too often for this band. Hinder make no bones about what they feel rock music should be and how a band touring should act. Winkler is very comfortable and almost more at home in front of the crowd than behind the scenes. Once on stage, Winkler can quickly put 1000 fans and fit them into a room built for a few as he has the rare ability to make a large room seem small. As he scans the crowd, the women scream feeling as if he is looking straight into their eyes only, while the guys want to pump their fists and hold up the devil horns as he scans past them.


But like most rock bands, the front man is only as good as the band playing behind them, and guitarists Joe "Blower" Garvey and Mark King prove show after show that they can make a small room sound as if the riffs are coming from an arena stage.

Hinder never apologize nor hide from the fact that being a band garners certain perks not associated with being a salesman. Hinder loves the sex and drugs of the rock and roll lifestyle, and make no bones about it. But at the same time, Winkler and the rest of the wrecking crew rarely let that lifestyle affect the stage performance. Although no one would ever accuse Hinder of being the tightest rock band on the planet, the band's looseness and ability to accept mistakes during a performance also make the band more accessible to its fans.

But don't confuse looseness with a live show the band doesn't care about. Hinder is not about so have its live show suffer do to its off-stage actions, but Hinder brings back much of the 70s version of rock and roll. With songs like How Long and Room 21 that allow the band the freedoms to push their musical personalities to the forefront, Hinder makes sure everyone in attendance has as much fun in the crowd as the band has on stage.

At the end of the day, Hinder believes music should be about release of energy and allow the inner demons of us to come to the surface even if for a few hours, and its live show and sexual innuendos and urge of fans to drink, Hinder provides an outlet through its music and performance for fans to leave the troubles at the door while consenting to the fans to be free for a few hours.

Austin Winkler
Mark King
Mike Rodden
Joe Garvey
Austin Winkler
Austin Winkler