Photos - CKY - Nov. 25, 2002, Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH
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It was just days after missing the CKY show in Cincinnati that I was able to hook up with Chad and talk about the band. It was unfortunate that I missed the show, because just an interview would have to run. But Chad Ginsburg mentioned the possibility of CKY hooking up with a big tour, as their headlining dates didn’t take them very far into the future.

Little did I know Chad was talking about the tour being Guns and Roses, and when they came through Nationwide Arena in Columbus on Nov. 25, CKY proved to be a fitting opening act.

Although the arena was only a quarter full and only a half-house setup, CKY had a smattering of fans standing, screaming and dancing along to their 30-minute set. And the band played to all those there who were actually wanting to hear new music rather than just spend their few hours reliving the early ‘90s.

When out headlining small clubs in various cities across the country, Ginsburg said the band was happy to be on their own, and wouldn’t want it any other way.

“Being an opening act is not beneficial to us. Audiences want to hate the opener. We are not interested in opening nor do we enjoy it. We were treated like shit when opening for Godsmack and we just don’t need that. To us, we are the only band in existence; there is no pressure. We just do what we want to do.”

But days later, Ginsburg’s words were faltered when they announced the opening slot with GNR. But you can’t really blame the band. After all, much like Axl Rose, CKY has the who-gives-a-shit attitude and just does what they want to do. There was no doubt the reason CKY opened this concert was because they wanted to. And they showed it on stage.

Not caring who was watching or listening, Ginsburg, Daron Miller, Jess Margera, and Vern Zaborowski played the set for themselves. And if those listening liked it, they were more than glad to spin guitars across their body, smile and point at them. If not, well, “fuck ‘em.”

Margera you read? Yes, CKY’s drummer the brother of Bam Margera from Jackass fame, but think that is how CKY got to where they are today.

“To say we got to this point because of Jackass it just not true. We had affiliations and fans before Jackass, and if someone says we got signed to Island or whatever because of the show, they are just wrong. I mean, bands and singers wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for the radio or for MTV videos. Everyone is somewhere because of someone else. Sure, Jackass has helped us in exposure. But if we fucking sucked as a band, it wouldn’t mean shit. We just want to play good music, and out fans just want to hear good music. Period,” says Ginsburg.

And CKY’s music is good. It is true, raucous, back-from-the-‘80s in your face rock and roll. Laced with attitude and heavy riffs, CKY is able to blend what was popular from the late 80s and early 90s and incorporate that with the trends of today. Their newest CD, Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild, goes along way in describing what the next wave of music will sound like. It takes all that was popular from the past years, including a hit of diet punk from today and leaded punk from the 70s and blends it together like a fruit smoothie that may be a bit tangy at first, but goes down nice and smooth the rest of the way.

This is an opening act everyone should check out while GNR are still on tour. That is, if you are open to new music. If you just want to relive your golden years, then CKY isn’t for you. But if you want to be a part of the future of music and see a band that you will one day, years from now, want to say you saw when, then check out CKY. Although most noticed among skater punks and rebellious angst-ridden teens, CKY should not be pigeonholed. After all, when GNR came out with Appetite for Destruction, almost everyone in attendance could have cared less. Because GNR was a band for the potheads and metalheads, right?

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