Photos - Saliva - November 22, 2002, Bogarts, Cincinnati, OH
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Sitting in a dimly-lit production office surrounded by scratched paneling and thousands of band stickers, most never making much farther than this office, I can hear these voices coming over two-ways. With the southern drawl and twang, I keep expecting Toby Keith to walk in for the interview. But instead, in comes Josey Scott and Chris Dabaldo enter the room, it’s like Bizzarro World from Superman. If I didn’t talk to these guys before during their debut-album press run, I wouldn’t believe these two could be the producers of Saliva’s music. But after talking with them for just a few minutes, there is no doubt good rock in roll can come out of Southern charms.

It is only hours before show time at Bogart’s in Cincinnati and the band just finished with an autograph signing for a sponsor and hops in the room for a quick interview before having to get ready for the show. And another interview after. Not to mention an early call as they head to Detroit to perform two acoustic sets for radio stations before that night’s gig. This is one hard-working band that is doing everything they can to reach their goal.

“We want to be the biggest band in the world,” says Scott. “Not in America. But the world.”

With the success of their debut album, and even a single from that being used for movies today, Click, Click, Boom, Saliva is definitely making their mark in the industry.

Instead of laying low between records, Scott teamed up with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger to perform the single for Superman, Hero. Although rumors may have been started about the fate of Saliva and the reasoning behind Scott performing the single, Scott and Dabaldo quickly spoke up.

“The reason I did that song was because we wanted Saliva to still be in the heads of people. We wanted to get back into their system, so to speak, just like the title of our new record suggests,” Scott says.

“We were out of the spotlight for a while, and we just thought Josey hooking up with Chad for that song was a good way to keep our band’s name out there before we put the new record out,” said Dabaldo. “And it worked. It was a good way to lead in to our record’s release.”

Their first single, Always, is doing great on the charts, but the real question to be answered was how many people would come through the doors to see Saliva. You can’t be the biggest band and not fill clubs. But Bogarts was packed to the brim with fans from 14 to 40. And they were not disappointed.

Saliva came out kicking with “Click, Click, Boom” and never let up from there. The new songs went over with great success, while songs from the debut record were moshed and bodysurfed to the entire night.

As usual, Dabaldo performed his circus-show playing his Gibsons, posing like a five-year-old for pictures while still being as tight as a pair of 1985 Sassoon jeans. Scott was a prime frontman; head banging and running around the stage like a madman Southerner. Wait, he is a mad Southerner. So, okay, that was normal, then. But from the first tour to now, Saliva has improved not only their stage presence and stage sound, but their writing and harmonies.

Back Into Your System is a great rock-and-roll record that can be intermixed with just about any CD collection. The riffs and choruses on this record are tremendous, and Scott has established himself as a tremendous rock singer. Already labeled a rap-rock band because of one song, Saliva has some digging to do to get them out of that hole. Although unjustly accused of that label, that label they have. But their live performance mixed with a great record is well on the way of making Saliva achieve their goal. Although a lofty goal and one that may be unachievable, that goal makes Saliva work hard every day and each performance. And that drive makes the band one of the best live shows around.

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