Angela Glassow , 2005


Written by: Jason Perlman


Obviously doing Ozzfest is always a great summer tour. But how exciting it is to do it just as your new record, Doomsday Machine, is hitting the streets?
Well, we planned it to be that way. Ozzfest is a fantastic promo tool, perfect for setting up a new album! Lots of kids there, who hopefully trade their mallcore and new metal shit in for some pure fucking metal!!


Playing Ozzfest it like a local battle of the bands: A lot of bands and hopefully friendly competition. How much competition are you expecting with the other young acts trying to make a name?
I expect friendship and support rather than competition. We all get the same stage time and the rotating slot and will learn from each other.


Ozzfest tours Europe, but Europe has very large festivals all summer long. How big is playing Ozzfest in the US for a European band versus spending the Summer doing the large 2-3 day European Festivals?
It has probably the same effect, just a different set up and concept. America is huge and hard to grasp and doesn’t have such a varied festival culture like Europe. It’s a blessing for us European bands really to get to do something with such a huge crowd pull in America.


It just seems that women in Europe are more free and accepted as members of hardcore and metal bands. Do you think there is something in the US culture that says women should be Britney Spears and Jessica Simspon and leave the metal to the guys?
No, I don’t feel this way at all. There are lots of girls in the American metal scene as well. Many new bands featuring women popping up in America.


Is it more of a satisfaction to be accepted at home or overseas as a band?
The best is to be accepted everywhere. Our strongest fan-base is still in Japan though. That’s kinda nice, we get to travel over there a lot.


You came into the band after an established singer (Jonah Liiva). How hard was it to for you not just as a female, but taking over something already established?
Hmm. I didn’t think about it too much, being afraid usually weakens you as a person and performer. I just kept marching on, putting 200% into Arch Enemy and trusted the AE guy’s feedback. When they said its good I knew it was good. Their support helped me a lot and made things easier for me.


When the band first heard they were going on Ozzfest this year, what was the celebration like?
We actually just sat down and started discussing setlist, crew, tourbus etc. right away. Very European style on the pragmatic side, haha..


Along with Ozzfest, there are a ton of one-offs in various cities not getting Ozzfest. Which is more exciting for the band... playing in front of a shitload of Ozzfesters or playing in front of dedicated Arch Enemy fans?
Both versions have their charm! The Ozzfest set is short but sweet and you get lots of new faces to shout along. Playing your own show is like coming home. You make the rules, can put up a proper show and everybody in the room knows and loves you.


Who are you most looking forward to checking out on this Ozzfest?
Black Sabbath of course!


With both the band's name and lyrics, there is definitely an idea of rebellion going on. Do you or the band ever go with the flow?
Now Rebellion is about individuality. And that’s what we believe in, especially musically.


All your favorite records seem to be hardcore and metal. Do you ever relax with something calm?
Not hardcore ... just metal!!! If I wanna relax, I turn the music off and read a good book.