Brooke Hogan , 2006


Written by: Jason Perlman


Well, let's get this first question out of the way about your dad and then we can talk music. But is he really that over possessive?
You know what? He has really lightened up a lot since I turned 18.


When I saw the episode of him shopping for feminine hygiene products with you, it kind of made me wonder. If I had a daughter, I don't think I would ever do something like that.
Yea, for tampons? That wouldn't be good.


I think the one thing people may be surprised about is you have been singing for several years now, and this wasn't necessarily something that happened because of the show, but rather the show helped you move forward.
Yea, and I think that is what happens with a lot of reality TV show stars, is they get a reality show and then say, "Oh, now that I have this TV show, I think I will just use it and sing." And they think it is easy to become a pop star. But I have wanted to do this since before the TV show came along. In actuality, the TV show came along because they heard I was singing, so the show helped me along the way but I have been doing this for a while.


Does it get frustrating at all to be lumped into a category of a showbiz kid who puts out a record and perhaps critics not giving your music a fair listen?
You know, it's funny because at first it used to get to me that people just can't take me seriously and she is Hulk Hogan's daughter and she is just a reality show star and she is not going to have any talent. But I am just looking past all that now and it doesn't even bother me. You could say it to my face and I would just laugh. It's like, those people have no idea what I am going through and have no idea what is going to come out of all this. So I am just working hard and I think if you have a goal set, keep your eye on the ball and don't let any distractions get in your way then you are definitely capable of reaching that goal.


I think the other exciting aspect of this record, Undiscovered,and I am sure especially for you, was how involved you were in the making of this record. It wasn't someone saying come into the studio and sing these songs and we will make you sound good, but you played piano on this record and you were involved in the recording process as well. How fulfilling was that for you?
It was funny, because I was so involved that it got to the point that people wanted to go home and go to bed, and I would be asking, "Just show me how to do this," or "Let me just redo this one part." Because I have been doing this for a while, I have been watching what goes on in the studio, and that is so I will know how to put it together on my own and be able to speak up for myself. I feel I can voice an opinion and it is valid because I have done it before and I know what I am doing in the studio. It was really cool to be really hands-on with this project. I am a Taurus, so if something is not done right, then we want to do it ourselves. I live by that kind of creed. So I am constantly watching and constantly doing and watching over things to make sure everything was good. I just really wanted to make sure this record was amazing, because when you work this hard, you don't want to see anything go half-cocked. You need it to go full blast.


I am a Taurus, too, so I have that same mentality.
Good! So then you know what I mean. If you are working hard for something, you want to make sure it is done completely right.


I know exactly what you mean, but when you are doing something artistic it is impossible to have something completely right. You have to pull yourself away. How hard was it for you to do that with this record and these songs?
You know, someone told me something a while ago and it turned out to be a really good lesson. I had recorded this song and I kept hearing new ideas each time I took it home and listen to it. I kept wanting to redo parts of it, and they said, "You know, when you keep redoing things, it takes away from that original body of work. It is not the same song anymore." And that is true, it isn't the same song if you keep changing parts of it, so you have to just record it, make sure you did the best job you could on it that day and just move on.


When you were in the studio and were learning everything you did, were you surprised at the outcome of any of the songs? Were these songs you had a total idea of what they should sound like or did you use what you learned to tweak some things?
Actually, my next single, For A Moment, I heard the lyrics on it and there was actually another ballad on my record that I was really rooting for. At the time, I wasn't really feeling too strong about the ballad. But now that I have listened to it and after it had been mixed and put on the record, it is amazing. I love it.

Growing up, you listened to a lot of different music from disco to R&B and I think some of those influences are on this record. We talked about not being frustrated with the critics, but are you frustrated being lumped into a musical category?
The funny thing is, I get asked all the time "What style of music do you do?" And you feel cornered into naming it hip-hop or R&B or pop, but it is not really any of that. It is not all hardcore hip-hop where I have all gangster rappers on all my stuff and it is not complete bubble gum pop kind of stuff. Some songs have hints of R&B and other songs are more of a rocky kind of thing or a Spanish sound so I really don't know what to classify it as except it is just Brooke music.

And you are coming to Columbus to play a radio show with a variety of artists. How exciting is that for you to have the chance to play with so many different styles of music on one stage? From pop-punk of New Found Glory to straight pop with Nick Lachey.
I really love that there is so much diversity in today's music business. And like you said, it is cool for me to be a part of that. It used to just be that you listened to rock music, or country music or hip-hop. And it is really cool that you can mix all of those sounds together and make something new. And that is really what we have been messing with, is taking R&B or a hip-hop beat and putting a pop melody over it all with a very cool vocal sound of old-school R&B. It is just really cool.


Now that you have put out this record and really went through recording boot camp, how excited are you about the recording of your next record?
I am really excited about making the next record, because now that I have been through this one, I see how we can make the process go by faster. I see how we can change and how the music can make a slight turn and become a new kind of sound while still sticking with the original sound. I am just excited because I love change, I love seeing thing evolve and I want to see myself evolve, too.


Only being 18, you are trying to perfect dancing, music, acting and who knows what else. That seems to be a lot to handle. Do you ever feel overwhelmed or are you able to still handle everything coming all at once?
I think us Taurus' are pretty good at being a good balancing act. But today, I was singing and doing a little show and my voice kind of popped on one note and I expect myself to be a perfectionist. I think that is what a big fault of mine is that I am a perfectionist and would beat myself up over the tiniest things. That's my thing.


How hard is it then to put those things to rest. Sounds like you are like me and harp on the negative a lot but maybe not appreciate the positive.
Yea, but I really do try to focus on a lot of the positive. But when it comes to work I am all about making the negative better. It seems like I am always focusing on how to make things greater and better.


If you had to pick of the three things you are really focusing on now, acting, singing or dancing, which would you focus your energy?
You know, I really don't want to give anything up to focus on another thing. It is more that I am on the road a lot and doing a lot of traveling that I just wish I had more time to be home and be in the studio. Right now I am on the road and you can't always find a piano everywhere or a vocal coach everywhere, so it can really take a toll on keeping your craft honed in. But if you stay focused, it stays pretty cool.


You are coming to Columbus to do a signing with your dad and then the next day will be playing the radio show. What should fans expect who will be at the signing and then heading out to see you perform live the next day?
Really high energy. I am bringing my dancers; I am bringing all my girls. All my songs are just crazy energetic. I bounce around on the stage a lot. You can see my dad cheering me on. So like I said, a lot of high energy and be prepared for me to stay there until every fan gets an autograph.