Matt Goddard, 2008


Written & Photos by: Jason Perlman


I was talking with Chris (tour manager) as he was tracking you down about the differences of playing club shows and now being on an arena tour with Linkin Park. As a band, do you handle the situations differently?
We played arena shows last year too, so we knew going into this tour a little bit of what to expect. But as far as the differences between the two, there are big ones. I hate to say it, but I think arena shows can be a little overwhelming at some point.


As a band, do you think or prepare differently depending on the tour you are on or do you try to keep the same routine no matter the situation or venue?
It is all the same thing; we just have to fucking rock every night we play.


I may be wrong, but when you are playing a show like this with Linkin Park, you may not get that same instant feedback as you would when playing in a club. Chiodos seems as though it feeds off the crowd’s energy so does it take a little longer to get into a live show in an arena where your fans are not in your face as they would be in a club?
Personally for me, and I think for the other guys, a show like this makes us get into it more. We don’t really need the fans in our face to get it going.  Or if the fans are not rocking our, we are not moping around and saying, “Aw, this show sucks.” With a show like this, it is like if the crowd doesn’t get out music right away, I want to prove myself to them. And if they still don’t like it, fine, I am still going to have a good time playing our music.


Switching gears, when you are writing music and making the CD, do you think as you are creating about how to transform that song live or does the band just write and figure the rest out later?
It is always in the back of my head, and how we are going to play those songs live is definitely something we all think about when we are writing and recording.


Has there ever been a time that a song didn’t make it or one that did but the band wasn’t quite sure when you put it on the CD because of how you thought it would come across live?
Not really. Because it is always in the back of our heads, I don’t think a song gets to that point. I mean, we think about it but we also won’t allow it to get to the point of where we won’t release a song if we feel the song is strong.


When the band is writing, is it someone bringing a part or does the band jam until something comes out?
Usually Pat (McManaman) or Jason (Hale) or Brad (Bell) will have a part and then we will sit in a room and jam together, so it is both. And we may get a few more parts and just be like, “Everyone just keep going and let’s see what happens.”


Do you ever find yourself putting together a jigsaw puzzle and mixing and matching pieces and parts?
You hit the nail on the head. That is exactly how we write. We call it the garbage dump and then we go through and find different parts that seem to fit well together. And it is. It is just a giant puzzle that we are trying to put together.


Whether you are on the Warped Tour or a show like this with Linkin Park, when you see your concert shirt amongst the thousands of people, what is that feeling like to you?
It is definitely flattering and it is awesome to see our people out there. But on a show like this, for us it is just as cool to see people who have never heard us before and then to see them go off is great.


Normally Linkin Park puts together tours of very different styles of music, but both you and Coheed and Cambria seem to fit very well. I know there haven’t been that many shows, but how has the crowd reacted to your set thus far?
It has been awesome. We do signings every night and the lines have been crazy long and most of the kids are saying, “Wow, this was our first time ever hearing you and you guys are awesome. The show was great and we bought your CD.” Or something like that [laughing]. We were offered Australia but I am so glad we picked this tour because we have definitely broadened our crowd.


What I hear most often from fans of Chiodos are comments on musicianship and songwriting. How important are those two things to the band?
That is number 1 and 1A. We are not here to write pop songs. Most of us as musicians have been classically trained and take our musicianship very seriously as well.


You can listen to 20 songs and still not feel like you have a good grasp of what Chiodos is about. And I mean that as a compliment. Are there a lot of varying influences within the band and if so, does that make it harder to collaborate?
There are, but everyone understands what works best for the band and has the betterment of the band as top priority. If someone has an idea and we try it out and a majority doesn’t think it works, we will move on. It is very democratic I guess [laughing].


So never any fighting over songwriting?
No, actually. Everyone is pretty agreeable. I guess we are pretty boring. That does sound a bit creepy but there never really are any issues.


You mentioned turning down an Australia tour to tour with Linkin Park. You have been on Warped. Do you ever just have to stop and catch your breath?
It’s funny you would mention that, because I was just talking with my dad and he was telling me how proud he was of me and this band. And then you finally realize you are making a living off of what you really wanted to do. He was reminding me of what we have done over the past year or so and I was like, “Wow.” Because you can get so in the moment that you don’t sit down and soak it all in. So it was nice to just sit back for a little bit and appreciate it. But we still have a lot more we want to do as a band.


This band has also done that with no major label backing, no publicity machine and no generated hype. It really was one show at a time. Does that make it more satisfying for you?
Definitely, because we know we did this. I mean, we worked our asses off and I hate to pat ourselves on the back, but yeah, it is definitely satisfying.


And that work paid off in the cover of Alternative Press magazine. Not sure if you ever saw yourself as a cover model before, but any lingerie contracts on the horizon?

When I told my wife I was going to be on the cover in my underwear, she was like, “Really?” Nothing too exposing.


So did you go 80’s hair metal and pack anything extra?
No, I am fine. I should have thrown some socks or a cucumber down there.