Richard Patrick, 2008


Written by: Jason Perlman


This new album obviously has harsh criticism on both yourself and the world around you. How much individual responsibility do you think is to blame for the state we are in? And by individual I mean each one of us, not just yourself.
Richard Patrick: When I see a whole culture worship hotrods and motorcycles and not solar panels and windmills... I think it's all of us.... we should be smarter.


Stone Temple Pilots seem to be getting all the recognition as the comeback band on Rock on the Range, but it has been five years since your last record. What is it like being back in the music world full-time again as Filter?
Richard Patrick: I like to keep it simple... I love music and I love making music! I’m extremely excited that Filter is back and I can’t wait to play as many shows as possible this year and for years to come.


With Filter, you have much more control as you did with Army of Anyone. Was it nice to have the break of having that much control or did it just make you miss making your creations even more?
Richard Patrick: I just enjoy making music. I love it whether I am in a band or if it’s my band or even by myself... It's all good!!


Your lyrics and even tone are almost always somewhat dark and disheartening. Yet there always seemed to be an underlying positivity to it as well. How positive are you even though you speak of negativity?
Richard Patrick: I really do think we can get it right. I hope we do but I’m conflicted… like my music. I explore the positive and the negative as often as I can.


Even the title Anthems of the Damned has a doomsday tone to the record. Is this record a sort of wake-up call to the world of hope and change or more of a “We are going to hell in a hand basket” sermon?
Richard Patrick: I'm really just saying "please don't fuck up the world anymore.


The road can be a tough place to live your life, so how excited are you about being back on the road as Filter and living out of a bus?
Richard Patrick: The "road? Where're we're going we don't have roads!! Seriously, I love every aspect of touring. Getting to hang with the fans, performing, and even the bus. It’s hard to be away from my wife and daughter for an extended period of time but this is the life I’ve chosen.


What was always intriguing to me, and this may sound weird at first, was that even with the music you made, you never seemed to “dress the part” with eyeliner and black body suits with gigantaboots and I think that helped open your words and music to a different audience. It was nice to see secretaries and salesman hearing a different message than Creed and Goo Goo Dolls, wouldn’t you say?
Richard Patrick: You are making me blush.


Even though this record is really your offspring, you did have collaborations with John 5, Wes Borland and others. How much leeway did you give them?
Richard Patrick: . I let them have free run of the place. They are all super talented and I was happy that our collaborations came together so quickly. I’m very proud of the work we all did on this record.


It is always great to see someone from Ohio get noticed and “make it” as they say. Do you feel differently playing in Ohio or your hometown versus in other areas?
Richard Patrick: I love coming home… There is a little bit more pressure cause my entire family comes out to the shows. But, its always great to see them.


Lastly, Ohio is probably going to change the fate of the world in November one way or the other. How much will you get involved with this election and especially back in your home state?
Richard Patrick: McCain, Obama, Hilary… Anyone is better than Bush.