Matt Snell, 2008


Written by: Jason Perlman


First off, the band has been getting praise from critics, fellow musicians and obviously everyone who comes to your shows. Personally and as a band, which of those means the most?
All of them. For me, everyone matters. Who’s to say a critic is worth more than a fan?

Are you surprised at the rate of CD sales?
Not really surprised. We have an amazing record, amazing management and amazing label. If you add in the live show we bring, it all makes perfect sense.

Most of the band’s success has come from just playing show after show and growing a fan base organically. How much more does it mean that it has been the music that has driven fans to Five Finger Death Punch?
It’s always been about the music. We LOVE playing live! It’s the best part of this whole business.

It seems every band has a main style of writing music. How does Five Finger Death Punch write as a band?
One note at a time! Ha Ha.... We basically write songs on our own, e-mail them to each other, then tear them apart and rebuild again. Once we get to the studio we work on the vocals and add all the finishing touches. It’s pretty amazing to see the end result of a song you had a vision of coming out so much better with everyone’s input.

Obviously, Five Finger has been on the club circuit tour. What has been the reaction of fans in that intimate environment?
It was really good! We’re very down to earth people. We hang with the fans, have drinks and take pictures etc... I really enjoy meeting people from all over North America plus the fans get a chance to see us throw down up close which is a lot of fun.

In Columbus, you are playing Rock on the Range at a soccer stadium with a dozen other bands. Will you approach that show differently than other shows?
No..... We will kill that one too. :)

Are there any bands on Rock on the Range you personally want to see?
Papa Roach. We did a show with them last year and they really have an amazing live show. I really want to see them in a HUGE venue and hear the fans singing back.

I am sure there will be a few Five Finger shirts in the audience. Are you ever surprised when you see your shirt being worn by someone?
At first yes but now I’m just plain grateful. It’s humbling to see any fan supporting us let alone spending their hard earned money to show the world they love 5FDP.

What is on the horizon for Five Finger?
Right now we’re touring. We head out with Disturbed on April 27th and are also playing the Jagermeister stage on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem festival with Slipknot, Disturbed, Mastodon and a dozen other really kick ass bands. We have been writing a lot but most likely won’t have time to record for a while. We have a lot of places to still play and we want to get to all of those people.

Lastly, I know it is early in the band’s career, but if it were to all end tomorrow, will you say you did enough as a band and musician or would there be regrets because there is much more you wanted to accomplish?
If it all ended today, I would just pick up and start again. I don’t think humans ever really feel as though they did enough. I also don’t live my life with regrets. Everything I do is done for a reason, good or bad!