Chris Beattie , Oct 14, 2003


Written and photos by: Jason Perlman


Jason: So you got on the Jaeger tour? You couldn’t ask for a better sponsor I think.
Chris: No it's great those guys treat us good. We have known them for years I met them on OzzFest. Nice dudes.

Jason: Being this type of band means you really have to live on the road you can't put out a 20 million selling record and then visit a few big cities and sit on your ass at home. You really have to get out there in front of your fans everyday, 365 days per year. How wearing is that on the band to have to be on the road?
Chris: Personally I try to do what I can to maintain fuckin my endurance and shit. I like working out you know what I mean, some tours we will party and go crazy I mean we are always going to do that. Like the first month of this thing we were just going crazy and stuff now we are at a point where it is like oh shit it catches up to you. Everybody ends up just kinda doing their own thing. I mean we'll party but not at the level that we started at. We are getting older now shit. When I was like 20 or 21 doing this I would do whatever and now I'm like, "Shit, man." Everyone knows their limit and we have days off of the partying. Our sound guy Goody says you have to maintain a balance and once you know where that is then be able to do it.

Jason: What is it like being out with Slayer it has got to be...?
Chris: It's awesome. This is like our third tour with them. They have always been cool to us, man. Actually this is our fourth time out with them. Everybody is cool, man those guys rule. They are still playing music that they were playing twenty years ago and people still love it. To me personally, they rule. And the fact that it doesn't get old is amazing. I hope we have that longevity.

Jason: And likewise I think you have a amazing core group of fans that you could come to Columbus fifteen times in a year and they would be at all fifteen shows and still go crazy at all of them. What's it like emotionally to know that people out there are so into your music that part of their life is the music that you create?
Chris: Awesome. It's a trip, man. When we started this we were like just making music and doing our thing. Just the fact that it has been like nine years now, that's a long time for a hard-core band. These kids come to our shows and we are signing stuff and it means a lot to them and to have taken this from a basement in Bridgeport, Connecticut to like where we are now, people would like die for us you know what I mean. It's unreal, man. It's hard to explain. It's so cool. I can just imagine how the Slayer dudes feel doing this for twenty years.

Jason: What's got to be cool to is having those fans coming back year after year but then you also get the new group of fans who you kinda get the old faces who you mentioned you have been doing this for eight years now so the 16 and17 year olds are now in their twenties still coming. Just to see that growth and that trend has got to be a cool thing.
Chris: It's wild. I have a younger brother too, so it's like he listens to stuff that I'm into and he is twelve so it kinda passes on. We were lucky to get on Ozzfest and get on the big tours and be exposed to a lot of people so it kinda just works it's way around. We were lucky to have this core of fans that have been coming for years and turn everybody else on and still will come to every show. It's a trip, man. We didn't expect anything like this. It's pretty wild.

Jason: How do feel when someone comes up and is tongue tied to talk to you or you can tell they want a autograph but just not wanting to.. The same thing you were doing at twelve or thirteen hanging out. Do you ever feel like or look around like are they looking at me or is their somebody else like a Rock Star behind me.
Chris: There are times when I am like calm down dude and their hands are shaking and I'm like, "Dude, I'm just a regular dude. If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be here signing this. No one would even give a shit." Sometimes it is mind blowin. I try not to be a dickhead about it you, know what I mean? We have had kids come onto stage with us. Like one night, this kid, they were going to throw him out of the crowd. I think it was in Iowa, there was a no moshing rule or something like that, but we pulled him on stage and said, "Here finish this sentence and sing with Jaime." The kid was stoked, man. It's cool. I definitely have had that feeling. If you would live on the bus with us for like week you would think we were a bunch of idiots like every other dude. You know what I mean? When you are on the outside looking in it is a totally different view.