Jahred Gomes, 2008


Written & Photos by: Jason Perlman


Hed PE has been on the Jagemeister tour and has opened for numerous more commercial-favored acts as well. Is it more satisfying to be a part ofan underground festival that has made it on par with those other tours without the commercialization that normally goes along with it?
The underground is more satisfying than the commercial mainstream, cuz underground fans are real. The commercial / radio fan is only following a band as long as they have some ridiculous radio hit. The underground is like a family. The commercial scene is very
superficial and hollow.


Children is a great song with a message that was as needed wihen Buffalo Springfield wrote those lyrics as it is today. What does that song mean to you?
That songs embodies everything we are about. Waking up the youth to the global situation. Waking up the youth to a system of manipulation.


Many who first listen to Hed PE may not associate you sound with classic rock, but how influential was the songwriting of that time to you today?
Yea, you're right, we don't get confused with classic rock...EVER!!! Hah. hedpe is influened by all types of music. Classic rock may not be at the top of the list, but i'm sure you could find it in there somewhere. Our present sound is definitely more influenced by Classic Punk.


Suburban Noize is definitely starting to become a major player while still remaining at its core an artist-friendly, independent label. How has the relationship with the label been compared to other independents or major Hed PE has been part of?
Well, my experience at the major label was an artist's nightmare. My experience with Suburban Noize is quite the opposite. Whereas the majors were constantly telling me what to do; Subnoize gives me carte blanche to do whatever-the-fuck-I-want!!!


A Hed PE live show can be so different from one to the next, is there ever a show where you feel it went near-perfect or has there been a show where, at the end, you were like, “What the fuck just happened?”
Well, hedpe isnt the type of band that is totally concentrating on every note. We are more trying to communicate our energy and purpose to our people. hedpe isnt interested in performing some over-produced/over-polished fake-ass rock show. The world has enough of those.


At what point during the day do you know what the set list will be that night?
What we do is write up a "tentative" set list. We would probably play the first five songs as they are written, and then just kind of play whatever fits the moment and vibration of the night. Each night is different.


When Hed PE was making a name for itself, someone like DJ Produkt had no one to look to for a role quite like his in a rock band. How has that evolution been and do you see Hed PE in other bands out there today?
It would be inappropriate for me to comment on what bands are influenced by hedpe. Before we came along there was Rage Against The Machine, NIN, and Public Enemy doing a track with Anthrax! Portishead had a deejay live. But, true that DJ Product is the pioneer. But, these other copy-cat deejays would never give him his props, cuz their egos are way out of control. I watched one of the most famous deejays in a rock band copy product's act exactly, and still never give Product any credit. Fuck that guy. What a faker. I can think of a few acts that have gone on to sell millions that were obviously influenced by us. Even though those idiots would never admit to it. Shit, those kooks wont even take us on the road with em.


How much do you feel like you mentor other artists, especially when on a tour like Strange Noize?
Not sure about the word "mentor". I know that Tech9 has stated that he is inspired by hedpe. But, check it, i was influenced by Tech9 first, cuz i knew about his music years before he ever heard of hedpe. So the cycle feeds itself.


When you first started touring all those years ago, did you ever picture yourself still at it after all these years?
Honestly, when I first started touring I was so inebriated I didnt really think about anything beyond the next party!!! I am really blessed to be in the position I am in. As of late, hedpe has been dubbed "The Leaders of the Truth Movement", and hedpe has taken on a life of its own. I never knew that hedpe would turn into a "band with a purpose". When I first started making records there was no particular focus or message. Now that the purpose has found hedpe, I couldnt be happier. I actually feel like I am doing what I was born to do. Spreading the Truth through music.


Although the band is called Hed PE, you do a vast majority of the writing and composition. How much control do you have of this band and how much will you allow the musicians to stray and do their own thing?
Like I said before, hedpe has a life and a mind of its own. It tells me what it wants. I am the bridge between the band and the purpose. Musicians are not allowed to do their own thing. These musicians have to do what hedpe wants them to do. Thats why it works so well.


If you had your choice of recording music to make a living or touring to make a living, which would you choose?
The premise of the question is interesting. You need to record music, so that you can tour and play said music. They are intertwined. Although, creating the music seems to be the most important aspect. Kind of which came first....chicken or egg!!!


I love the fact that you have no barriers and boundaries to your lyrics or stage talks. Have you ever felt you had to self-contain your thoughts, ideas or emotions?
I am always questioning myself. My theory is to break up the serious stuff with what we like to call "sexcore". I definitely have to stay in control of what I say, cuz people are very sensitive to the topics we cover. War, Religion, government, extraterrestials, the origins of humanity...these topics tend to hit a nerve with many of us. So, I try not to offend, but at the same time, different things offend different people. But its...alright now I learned my lessons well You cant please everyone, so you gotta please yourself!!! (there goes that classic rock again!)