Ox, 2008


Written by: Jason Perlman


Here in the US, metal and its fans are an underground movement. Yet you got welcomed home by your President in Finland after winning Eurovision. Was that unexpected?
OX: Of course it was unexpected. Before us, Finland was always the last or so in the Eurovision. So I guess it was a big thing when Finland won for the first time.


There was no band more anticipated on Ozzfest that Lordi. How did you find Ozzfest in the US?
OX: Ozzfest was the best thing that's ever happened to us! The audiences were great!  And Ozzy and his band treated us really well. It was our first US tour. What could be a better start than that? When we came back couple months later opening for Type O Negative, we found out that there were fans who had tattooed our logo or band's name on their skin. That's the biggest compliment you can ever get!


Has it been difficult to keep music as a main focus with the theater that comes with Lordi?
OX: No, even though the show is very important too. It's still obvious to us that music comes first. And we take our music very seriously.


The new record has some great songs like Girls Like Chopping. How fun is it to write Lordi music?
OX: It's very fun. Because Lordi is the kind of music we all love and grew up listening to. So we're writing songs we love and we're also very lucky because some people seem to like it too.


How has life changed for Lordi since winning Eurovision and touring the world?
OX: Of course we're a lot busier now, which is good. It got a little chaotic right after the Eurovision. There was days that we were in three countries in one day. Now we've learned to say no and take it a little easier too. But the basic things in life are still the same as always. We have the blessing that people don't know who we really are.


Did you ever tire of touring with the Arockolypse? It has been out for several years so you have to be looking forward to the new release.
OX: Oh, I'm so glad that Deadache is out now!


With all that goes in to making each Lordi show happen, do you ever think a tour will happen without costume?
OX: No, that will never happen. It wouldn't be Lordi anymore. We've actually joked about this in the rehearsals, looking at each other and going like: "Dude, look at this fucking band, we would look sooo stupid if we went on stage like this!"


With all the props and costumes that the band uses, do you ever think to keep any of your own items or can fans get a hold of it?
OX: Mr. Lordi's got his restaurant in Lapland, called Rocktaurant. And it's also pretty much a Lordi Museum. So all our costumes at some point will go there. Costumes and props won't ever be on sale if that's what you meant.


Going back to how metal has yet to be accepted by the establishment here in the US, your hometown has actually names a place after you. Did you find that strange?
OX: Yeah, a Lordi square in Mr. Lordi's hometown. Of course it's strange, I mean, we're a rock band! Mr. Lordi also got some land from his hometown. A youth house was named after Kita in his hometown. Awa got a little money and Amen got a big rock (like a statue) from his hometown.  My hometown gave me a piece of paper that said congratulations! :) But I'm not complaining, that was nice too. The remembering is the most important part.


How awesome is it that your country has embraced your success?
OX: Very awesome! But to tell you the truth, it hasn't felt like embracing lately. Finnish newspapers seem to wanna write only bad things about us. And those people who think that we only existed to win Eurovision for Finland, now wish that we would go away and die.  It's great to see that those people who hated us before we won and loved us after the victory, now hate us again. It's great because we know we're doing something right! A band like Lordi just can't be liked by them. It would be wrong.


Back to the new record, Deadache. How does the writing for the band happen?
OX: We all write songs alone or with another band member. Then we make demos of all the songs. Then we choose the songs that go to the album. This time we had 60 demos to choose 15 songs out of. Then we start the arranging process. Take this part from here and add it here and so on.. Then when the songs are ready, we hit the studio. That's pretty much it.