Steve Sparrow, 2012


Written by: Jason Perlman


Right on your website is Jay Leno throwing out the Deuces pose. What was it like playing on The Tonight Show?

Incredible. Truly an amazing day. We signed the guestbook next to Michelle Obama and talked about crystal meth with Jay Leno. Very surreal.

I read somewhere that Jeff Buckley was a strong influence. He was an amazing song-writer. Do you see Morning Parade as song-writers who are musicians or musicians who write songs?
Yes we love Jeff. Chad's older brother introduced me to 'Grace' when I was 17 and I never looked back. I think we're a mixture of musicians and writers, I'd say Andy is the only super well trained and disciplined player. Phil has a very special ear for a bassline. Chad is very good at making guitars sound unlike guitars. Ben had piano lessons as a child and has a pretty good knowledge. I'm not the greatest player but I have always been pretty decent with theory and knowing how to string chords and melody together.

You are now on tour with the Wombats, how has that been going? After all, this isn't your first tour with them.
Haha! Its great, no its not our first tour together. I'm actually writing this from a hotel lobby after I fell asleep (after 1 or 2 or 10 drinks) on The Wombats tour bus. It's always amazing touring with these guys. I massively rate them as writers and players so it's kind of weird, I tend to get very geeky and talk songwriting a lot with Murph and talk pedals and guitars with their guitar tech Dougie. We actually stole our guitar tech Ryan from them a year ago.


There just seems to be something with U.K. bands with a big, arena sound! How does the music translate to playing smaller clubs?
Is that a UK thing? Its really weird that sometimes the press give bands shit for having an arena sound. Let's be honest, we love making music and we want as many people to hear it as possible. We love the variety of playing clubs and arena's it always keeps us on our toes, ambition as Thom Yorke says is pretty ugly but we think its healthy. We really enjoy the club shows, our record is a major label operation so they're always going to want it to appeal. In actual fact, we're a lot more raw live. We're 5 lads in a rehearsal room with big ideas, that's it.

What food do you miss the most when touring the States?

Vegetables. Very hard to find when touring. Also traditional English sunday roasts.

How does the Morning Parade write? Do songs come from just sitting and playing or each band member bringing something to the rest of the band?

It varies. Sometimes one of us will turn up with a whole song. Most of the time it's half an idea and a few discussions from being complete. We tend to write a lot together in our rehearsal room and I tend to finish stuff alone in the middle of the night.

The nice thing about a debut album is you get all the time in the world to write. After all, you had most songs already written as a band. But the follow-up you have limited time to write. How are you handling trying to write while touring the world?
We're actually dying to get in a studio, we're all full of ideas. The debut was a learning process and now we understand how to make a record we can't wait to get back in and make a new one. Everyone has grown as musicians, writers, artists and individuals. We write when we can, luckily for us we often write in our heads, we find it broadens our creativity.

Some bands love to write and others just want to tour. Where does Morning Parade fall within that spectrum?
I think we're 50/50. We need to tour its why we make music. We have always written in a live environment so we always want to be on a stage.

In the studio, I have heard some say they record until they get the take that makes their hair stand up on their arms. Others look to be technically perfect. Do you play in feeling or technical perfection?

We record until it feels right. The technical recording isn't important, the feeling is. We don't mind a bum note if it feels right.


Thanks for a really interesting interview. It's been a pleasure.