Rich, 2009


Written by: Jason Perlman


It was interesting to hear you self-describe as your music as “not very tricky” because I think that that should not be mistaken for simple. The sound of Nico Vega is complex if not complicated and that is not an easy task. How was the band able to be uncomplicated and multifaceted at the same time?
I think it was a combination of instinct and spiritual guidance and energy drinks not yet approved by the F.D.A .


What made the band choose Myspace as its label?
We felt it was like a Label for the people.


How was the band able to keep it together in LA since 2004 as you saw other bands getting signed or giving up?
Wow that's a great question. To keep it short what I think it comes down to is that we do this shit cuz we love it, first and for most. So stopping was never a part of the plan.


How has being and playing in LA helped the band be a solid live act?
We've all got a lot of people we love in LA and those people supported us from day one. Also you’ve got to work extra hard to get a reaction out of a LA audience -Ha HA- so yes, it's helped.


What did the band do to celebrate after signing with Myspace?
I think we went to some weak ass restaurant in the hills and then Dan and I probably got shitty.


Although influences can be heard throughout the record, there is still a stand-alone sound. Was it hard to keep your influences at bay in recording your first record for Myspace?
Fortunately and unfortunately I haven’t learned any cover songs in years so I am my own sound at this point.


There may be some stereotype with a band signing to Myspace Records as being more of a marketing-raised band versus true songwriters. How important is songwriting to Nico Vega?
Writing is crucial to our existence; Physically, Mentally and Metaphysically.


What will the band be bringing to Columbus, OH when it comes with The Von Bondies?
We be bringing the heat.


With only three band members, there can be a lack of “big” sound on stage.  How does the band make up for that during the tour?
The more amps the better!


How good does it feel to finally have the Myspace record released?
Feels like we got our foot on the first stair and ready to begin climbing.


As much as you want to be supportive of each other during writing and expression, has there ever been times where you just looked at someone in the band and gone, “Really?”
Yeah but a lot of that stuff usually turns out really good, Ha Ha.


We are living in a pretty tumultuous time in America. How does Nico Vega as a band deal with what is happening in the country?
 If anything we want to express that it's a good thing to ask questions, especially when it comes to the government and the media. We feel truth is important and everyone has a right to it.


Lastly, after such a heavy question, who is the best driver of the bunch?
That’s hilarious. I think it used to be me before my lil incident in San Fran. Dan is good but sometimes a little preoccupied and I think I saved both our lives a couple times, but he has the best track record. It's gonna have to go to Aja who never drives.