Ruch Luzzi , 2009

Written & Photo by: Jason Perlman


I remember seeing the band as Revelation Theory touring Columbus in places like the Al Rosa Villa and Newport Music Hall. Aside from the shortened name, what has changed about the band since 2005?
A lot has changed since 2005.  We signed with Interscope records which has been amazing.  We couldn’t have asked for a better label or group of people to work with. We also added a new guitar player, Ricky. We were writing songs that called for two guitar parts and we wanted to enhance our sound. We felt that we needed another guitar player to take our songs to that next level.      


Although many at Rock on the Range will think of Rev Theory as a new band, that is obviously not the case. Tell us about the trials and tribulations of being a highly-anticipated new band and how life can be trying to live up to that?
Right now life is great.  We used to have to do everything on our own so it strange for us when other people are working to help us.  It makes our life a lot easier.  We have so many more resources now that we didn’t have as an independent band.  But we still have the same attitude as we always have.  Just keep working and play hard every night.  


The new record hits June 10, how excited is the band to get that release out?
We are extremely excited for the new record to come out.  We wrote a lot of songs and worked really hard over this past year, and we are really proud of the way the record turned out.  Now  we just have to patient until June which is the hardest part. 


What are the emotions of having the #1 Most Added song to rock radio? I am sure the label loves the idea, but as a band do you pay much attention to those things?
It is a great feeling to be the #1 most added song to rock radio.  When we found out we couldn’t believe it, we thought it was a joke.  And we do pay attention to the charts.  Our management keeps us updated all the time.  We feel it’s important to know how your song is doing and what stations are playing your song.   


The band is now linked highly to wrestling and in this day in age that is as important as the music it seems when trying to stay as a signed band. Do you wish it can just go back to dealing with only music or do you like the double aspect of being a band and a marketing brand as well?
The music business has changed so much because of the internet.  If you want to be successful you almost have to find other ways to market yourself. It would be nice to go back in time when people were buying CD’s and going to shows just because of the music. But ever since we started doing this we knew it was going to take more than that to be successful.  And to team up with the WWE has been great exposure for us and a lot of fun. We look forward to continue working with the WWE and also establishing new relationships with other companies.   


How has it been touring with Seether and Flyleaf?
It has been a great experience touring with Seether and Flyleaf.  We have toured with Flyleaf in the past so we are good friends with them.  We have also played some shows with Seether so we knew them as well.  The crowds have been great and both bands kill it on stage every night.  We look forward to touring with both bands again in the future.


In Columbus, you will be playing a big soccer stadium. How, if any, will the band treat this show differently as a club show?
We try to treat every show the same.  We played many shows where there were probably no more than 10 people in the room.  We’ve also played many shows in front of thousands of people.  We try to play every show with as much energy as we can no matter how many people are in the crowd. 


Was there ever a time where the band doubted its future?

I don’t think we ever doubted the future of the band.  We’ve had many problems along the way like every other band, but we always kept pushing forward. When we would write songs and we were told they weren’t good enough, we went back and wrote more.  When people said our live show needed work, we practiced harder.  We knew it would take a long time to get here and we know that we still have a lot of work ahead of us.    


Obviously Hell Yea is getting all the attention, but tell us about the new record?
We tried to do something different than what is out there in music right now.  We tried to get back to our roots of Guns N Roses, STP, and Motley Crue and make a dirty rock record.  There are guitar solos and anthem like choruses, but we still keep it high energy like our first record. We also have some slow songs and heavy mid tempos, so we feel like there is something for everyone on this record.  


Lastly, with such little stage time in Columbus, will the band focus on new material or play a lot of past tunes?
We are only going to play one song off our of our first record and the rest will be new songs. We toured for two years promoting our first record so now we want to promote the new record. It is always exciting playing new songs and we look forward to playing them at the show.