William Tell, September 27, 2003


Written and photos by: Jason Perlman


Jason: I heard that you have only been out on this tour for a short while. How is the band planning to take your club show to an arena style show?
Will: It is definitely different. We really got a chance to grow over the summer with 311 playing amphitheaters. We are definitely still feeling like idiots running around just trying to cover an area to try to see all the kids. It sucks when you are just staying in one place and just see the one group of kids in front of you, its best to make contact and get to see everybody you can. The good thing about the 311 tour was that we were like the first band on, playing amphitheaters in the evening so they weren’t there for us. It was kinda cool because we got to use that big stage and be in front of all these people and we gradually got used to that idea we still of course are still getting used to it but yeah it is amazing. Plus Good Charlotte fans have been really good to us.


Jason: Yeah, the last time you came through you were with 311 and had a totally different audience. There is definitely a difference between Good Charlotte and 311. Exclude the age difference; I think the music and what they write. I think 311 fans are 311 fans and everything else is a little new and Good Charlotte fans are hip to whatever they can hear.
Will: It does have to do with age. Good Charlotte fans are like high school age kids. They are at the age where they are going to their first concert without their parents. Checking out their music and getting past the stuff you hear on the radio. It’s exciting to play for people who maybe it’s their first concert or maybe it is there fourth or fifth, but it is fresh and new. The 311 fans are also cool. Just reaching out to a whole new crowd, we definitely knew that taking these two tours. We were really flattered we were offered these tours and to expand our fan base. Obviously we don’t think our music fits into some small area. I’m sure that someone would try to cateragoize us or think that we fit in there. We would like to think and hope that our music is just music that people can enjoy whether they are into certain types of music or not. We like to think that we play a pretty broad variety of stuff but that might not be the case with the listeners. We get asked all the time, “Doesn’t it piss you off when people try to put you in a box?” But no it doesn’t. It’s cool. As long as you dig it, I don’t care.

Jason: I think you guys are playing music in a fun time. Not so long ago, coming out of the grunge era, you had the eighties where it was like over the top glam and fun and then it did a total 180 to grunge where it was all-serious. Now we are getting back to the fun part music, there are still a lot of bands that have serious words but still people go to concerts to have a good time. Back in the 90’s you went and almost wanted to slit your wrists now kids are going out to have a good time.
Will: I agree. It’s cool to go out and see a band, but even better if the band comes out in a T-shirt and jeans. I know that might weird to even bring that up, but like not so long ago all the guys in bands dressed a certain way. I don’t mean any disrespect. A lot of artists have that style and that’s really cool. You look at Elvis or the Beatles and they all these different outfits. It still makes it cool to be in a time in music when you can just be a band and be relaxed compared to your hardest job being picking out the right t-shirt. Just go up there a have a good time. Ya know?

Jason: Have you ever sat back on the bus and say to yourself not long ago we were playing in my parents basement and now did you think you would be out with bands like 311?
Will: We think about that and talk about it all the time. Not like, “We are the best,” but reflect and be thankful in an appreciative way. Sometimes we get together before a show and talk about how thankful we are and how cool it is, we get to play music everyday that’s what we get paid to do and we get to eat, we have clothes and that’s nice yea know.

That’s all you can ask for everything else that keeps coming after that is really cool. I mean I quit college to see if I could make the music work, before I felt that I wasn’t paying much attention to music or school I just was splitting it both ways. So I thought I would take a year off and if it didn’t pan out I could finish school. This was my goal that is success doing what you want to do. That’s success getting to do what you love to do and still getting to eat.