Dustin Kensrue , June 26, 2003


Written by: Jason Perlman


Jason: You mentioned you have been doing this for the last two years, but that this is the first time with a major record label behind you. So aside from the tour bus, how has it been different just having that backing and knowing the release is coming out soon?
Nick: It's been great. Having the label behind us has been totally amazing. They are totally supportive, and completely organized. It's been great.

Jason: Island is still pretty new at the rock or the non rap music scene, but they seem to use the same style of rap bands, where they put them together and make a family out of everyone.
Nick: The cool thing about our acceptance is the Def Jam side of it. Def Jam was built from the ground up. It was like dorm room because the same people are running it and with the financial backing it's been great.

Jason: The release probably is not new to you but it is new to a lot of people. Just how exciting is it to not only have new music but for it to reach new people?
Nick: It's cool, man. I mean to reach new people is an awesome thing. I think being on a major label has helped us to do that on a greater scale. That's why we are so excited about the new release.

Jason: Being associated with (quote) punk music or that style of music and obviously the mentality in the past is your not suppose to be with major labels doing these big tours . At the end of the day, you're here to make music for people to hear and if you don't do something for people to hear it.
Nick: It seems to really limit yourself or limit your music to certain people and it's just really stupid to do that. We make music for people. Not a specific type of person. Whoever enjoys our music should enjoy it. I don't see any reason to put a limit to that. A lot of time punk is considered to be anti-corporate, and all the idealism that goes along with it. We are not a real political band with some kind of hidden agenda behind it. We signed with a label we felt comfortable with.

Jason: You have made your band very successful with your web site and I think a lot of bands are starting to do that. You have been doing that a long time and it seems Island Records is still letting you do that.
Nick: Yea and it has been a helpful tool I think, especially with smaller bands. What better way to get your music out there? It's been a cool place for our fans to get together. And like I said its been a really cool place for us to release music. We already released two songs over the internet over our web site and it's been a great thing.

Jason: What's cool about the Warped Tour is you have bands like Sum 41 who started because they went to Warped, then you got bands like you who get it for a couple years and make it to a major label and still continue to do it. It seems to be a good venue for bands to get out into the open and get a good fan base.
Nick: Especially for us, to be playing in front of this many people. We just played Wichita, Kansas and we had not ever played there before, and I don't know if we will again. But the crowds were huge.

Jason: After the release do you see the band looking for other bands to open up for, or do you want to do small club headlines?
Nick: We are going back to Europe for a week or so, probably to the U.K., and then go out back out in the fall and do a headlining tour. We are trying to piece everything together now.

Jason: The really cool thing too is you see a lot of bands out touring together and helping each other out. It seems to be that Island Records makes their bands like a big family.
Nick: Totally. It is such a cool place to meet bands and people. Definitely you make friends, seeing the same people everyday. Last year we met Thursday on this tour and like you were saying we might do that fall tour with them. Its all still in the works but if it works out that will be great.

Jason: I'll be there for that one. At least you have one ticket sold if that happens
Nick: (laughing)Yea, if that happens

Jason: When the CD comes out are you going to store to buy, like go into a chain store to buy your record?
Nick: Probably not. I haven't done that yet I would kind of feel funny. Maybe I will now that you have mention it.