Photos - The Donnas - Feb. 11, 2003, Bogarts, Cincinnati, OH
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The Donnas are four hot 20-something girls from California. That’s cool. They write lyrics such as ‘Need your love 123/Stop starin’ at my D-cup/Don’t waste time/Just give it to me.’ Now, that’s really cool. But they are probably one of the top five must-see shows. And that, my friends, is way cool.

Live, The Donnas rock out like the bands of yore with heavy guitar riffs, flying hair and a pretty darn good light show to boot. But it doesn’t stop there. The band is beyond tight, and just when you thought it was safe to begin jumping for the next song, Maya Ford (a.k.a. Donna M.) steps up to the mike and in her girlish squeaky voice, and tells a Michael Jackson joke that will make Gary Glitter blush with embarrassment.

Donna A. (Allison Robertson) on guitar plays some of the coolest riffs on her golden Gibson and has the moves of all the 80s rockers rolled into one tight pair of jeans and belly shirt. Meanwhile Donna B. (Bret Anderson) takes over the stage like a female Steven Tyler, demanding attention and playing to the crowd like she is the flirting focal attention of an all-male party. But the Donna who is rarely mentions but seems to keep it all together with her sense of timing is Donna C (Torry Castellano). Banging away on her skins with the talent-show like ‘The Donnas’ lighting hanging behind her, Donna C. is able to move the show along and make sure every song sounds as good as the recording.

Having been around since they were kids and touring the world with little acclaim and a small label backing them, The Donnas have molded themselves into a live band first and foremost. Growing up on the road hasn’t jaded the band either. Before the gig, Maya and Allyson hit the music shop next door to try out some guitars as shoppers came in and out of the store. They each picked up a little something as well. Meanwhile Bret headed to the restaurant across the street, where she sat while a few of the crew downed a quick meal before the show. The Donnas are definitely not prima donnas. They are a great rock/punk band who has earned everything that is coming their way.

Success seemed inevitable from the start. Fifteen-year old girls who can really rock and ready to hit the road as hard as any seasoned metal band are a formula for success. And all the girls in the audience who danced and cheered along may become the next wave of girls battling and winning the male-dominated genre of music. The Donnas are ready to attack Europe with their good looks and bad attitude. And when they hit the spot near you, definitely check it out. You will be more impressed with their talent than their appearance. And that is really saying a lot!

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