Photos - The Used - February 15, 2003, Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH
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With a lot of attention around The Used coming from The Osbournes and Kelli’s relationship with singer Bert McCracken, The Used made their way to Columbus and the Newport Music Hall filled with Kelli look-a-likes and wannabes. But what gets lost in that attention is that this Utah quartet is one of the best new bands in the market today. With the punk attitude, sound and riffs, The Used is able to pull off old-school punk with new school success. Quinn Allman’s Gibson produces some great riffs, but he is also intricate in his detail work and allows his sound to flow well with McCracken’s screams, grunts and yes, even harmonies.

Well known for puking before, and even during, the show, McCracken owns the stage. Moving and looking much like a scaled-down version of Andrew WK. Wearing his dirty white shirt, McCracken dominates the stage with his performance. Bringing to mind idols such as Iggy Pop and The Ramones, The Used have established themselves as a great band with or without the success of The Osbournes.

Songs such as “Blue and Yellow” and “Poetic Tragedy” are such an honest break-off from the bands normal punk energy. McCracken is able to sing, and sure, he doesn’t have the angelic voice of say, Lajon Weatherspoon of Sevendust, but he is able to sing and harmonize well enough to show diversity. Shoot, Iggy Pop, The Sex Pistols and The Ramones couldn’t sing that well, either.

Live, The Used was tight, energetic and was one with the young crowd. McCracken, about halfway through the set, traded his dirty white Tee with someone in the crowd for their shirt. After taking a big whiff of the sweat-stained new shirt, exclaiming its stink factor, McCracken wore it for half a song, through it to the crowd and went shirtless for, what he claims, is the first time.

With four bands on the bill, The Used, not just because they were the headliners, but because of their talent and raw emotion, dominated the night. Canceling their prior Columbus engagement when they were supposed to open for BoxCar Racer, The Used proved themselves to Columbus and the kids in the crowd as a welcome addition to Columbus’ favorites. The sold-out Newport Music Hall was never quiet or still when The Used played their 50-minute set. The blizzard just days before couldn’t keep the kids from waiting hours before to get close to the stage, nor parents from lining up on High Street for the same kids to leave the venue after the show.

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