3 Doors Down - Hara Arena, Dayton, OH - 1-3-04
It was the third time 3 Doors Down made their trek through Ohio since releasing their latest record, Away From The Sun, and it was the third time 3 Doors Down put on one monster of a gig. When seeing them for the first time way back in Feb. of '03, one could walk away from the gig saying, 'Wow, 3 Doors Down was spot on tonight.' When walking away from their second tour through Ohio, this time in Columbus, one would say, 'Two for two. Wow we are lucky to have seen them right on for two shows.' But when the show gets better each time, and fans still walk away amazed at how tight and crowd-friendly this band it, it doesn't become luck to see them spot on, it becomes the norm.

3 Doors Down is able to put on a monster performance night in and night out, no matter what the city, no matter who the crowd. Whether they are playing in front of a studio audience for a late night talk show, in front of cameras for a Monday Night Football contest with Kyle Turley or in front of a sold-out arena in Dayton, OH, 3 Doors Down is able to make everyone leave the show feeling as if they have seen the show of a lifetime. Even after seeing it for the third time.

Most bands touring today cannot say anything of the sorts. Sure, they may be on one night or even for a week, but it is a selective few that can do it every single night of the week, for every single fan that bought a ticket. And here is another fan-friendly tip. Bring an extra $15 to the show, because you can but the CD at the merch boot signed by the entire band. Yes, that's right, for the same price you can purchase the CD here on-line or at your local store, the band will sell it to ya signed.

This is a band that is all about their fans. It is not something they say in every interview and in front of the camera constantly. They do it through actions. Even if you are not a fan of their music, you have to respect that aspect. And you have to respect how well they perform their songs. This is a band that does not take one fan for granted and who wants to do whatever they can to enhance the experience. Even if as subtle as a walkway from the stage to the crowd to hand-greet those lucky enough to make their way to the front of sold-out Hara Arena.

Chris Henderson said in an interview with musicohio.com about the success of the band, 'We didn't change that much. I mean, it is hard not to change somewhat when your lives are changed as drastically as that, but as far as our writing style, what we listen to or our outlook on life, that has really stayed on an even keel. The one thing that has changed is our lifestyle and whatever goes along with that. But basically, we are still just the same guys.'

And you will see this same sentiment said by just about every musician out there, but in the case of 3 Doors Down, it is not just words. Even before the gig, you can see band members hanging outside talking on their cell phones. This is not a band that holes themselves up in the tour bus or dressing room only to be escorted on the stage. These are real people playing real music. And that is why they are selling out show night after night.