Sevendust - Bogarts, Cincinnati, OH - 1-20-04
Outside Bogarts amphitheater in Cincinnati, the temperature was well below freezing and the wind chill was probably below zero. But that didn’t stop a legion of maniacs to wait in line for hours to get close to the stage. In fact, you could see people in nothing but T-shirts shivering like a dry leaf on a windy day because they knew once they were inside the sold-out venue, the temperature would rise above the boiling point when the band took the stage. So, who was this band that can sell out the venue and have kids and adults waiting in subzero temperatures for a chance to get close to the stage?

Why, Sevendust of course.

Sevendust is one of those anomalies that somehow, without much radio play and without platinum-selling records can continue to pack houses no matter where they travel or how many times they travel there. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that Sevendust came through Cincinnati with an acoustic set, but the die-hard fans seem never to miss an opportunity to see Lajon Witherspoon and the boys.

From the opening number throughout the night, Sevendust acted like a band possessed. Since coming off the acoustic tour, it almost seemed like Sevendust was like a beginning-touring band again. With tight riffs, booming bass and exciting energy, Sevendust was all smiles as they burst through their set like a commuter bus in the movie Speed.

Although the acoustic tour was great, there was no doubt that the fans were hungry for the choppy, gut-wrenching sounds the band is known for. Whether it was their new single “Enemy” or old favorites like “Praise,” the band proved to be one of the heaviest and harmonious out there today. This was never more present than with the song “Angel’s Son,” which is one of the heaviest and softest songs to come out in over a decade.

Sevendust is one of those bands that can continue to tour and sell tickets to a legion of fans that have been there from day one. Whether they put out platinum-selling records or there smaller-label CDs, Sevendust will always have fans behind them as long as the band wants to be in front of them. Sevendust proved that by touring until asses fall of and voices go hoarse, a band can make it on music and integrity. And once those two things are entrenched, fans and airplay will soon follow. But like any band, the airplay fades away with new trends and younger faces, but if the band is honest and true, the fans will remain. And Sevendust has a legion of fans.