OAR, Columbus, OH, Promowest Pavilion, Jan. 31, 2004
Columbus, Ohio may not be known worldwide for its music scene. Hell, it probably isn’t even known nationwide for its scene. So when a band can claim their roots in Columbus, the locals love to claim that band as their own. And for OAR, these locals have been a blessing.

OAR has been a mainstay for several years in Columbus, whether playing Hookaville or sold-out shows at the Newport Music Hall where sorority girls were in as abundance as blunts. But recently, OAR has been blazing the trail across the country on tours like Sprite Liquid Mix, but it is always a treat and a welcome homecoming when OAR hits a stage in the city of Buckeye love.

Tonight, it was a sold-out crowd at Promowest who was on hand to witness the execution of great tunes and happy beats from OAR. This is a band that has nothing but good vibes and better times along with wonderful people in its atmosphere. Fans are always supportive, active and always a little high, but that is okay, because it makes for a show filled with love vibes and wonderful smells. On tap for this show was Toothpick, who seemed to warm the crowd up, but still left them waiting for the heat. That heat hit the stage in the form of Robert Randolph and His Family Band. This set was nothing short of spectacular, and to the guy in the green and white trucker hat in the front, “Way to get into the show! That is what concert goers are supposed to do.”

But most were ready for OAR, and the deafening cheers were never more present then on the song ‘Road Outside Columbus’ as everyone got to relate to Riverside and High. Those are two streets we are all too familiar with here in Columbus. One leading the way to Ohio State University, and the other along the Olentangy River to affluent neighborhoods.

OAR, with their ease, reggae and pop sounds are sure to continue to be a mainstay in not only the heart of Columbus, but also the college scene nationwide. This is a band that has found their niche and is very comfortable staying in it. They are not out to be the next Grateful Dead or Phish, but rather be the first OAR, and that is a welcome site.

Who knows whether Columbus, OH will ever be known for its musical scene or talent? Sure, we have OAR, Prinze Board, the musical director for lack Eyed Peas and Danyel Morgan, Robert Randolph’s bassist, but that does not a music scene make. But in the meantime, Columbus is more than happy to support its top musical act OAR. And support them Columbus does.