Linkin Park, Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH - January 25, 2004
What was the music scene like before Linkin Park broke through? Well, there was a guy named Fred Durst who was starting a total mainstream mayhem of rock and rap. But it was some art students and a guy looking for a band to take the momentum of what Durst started and make it a Top 40 mainstay in our culture. In fact most fans in attendance at the sold out show at Nationwide Arena probably wouldn’t even know there was rock or metal music without the influence of hip hop. And the main reason most think all music starts with a deep back beat and ends with a record scratch is because Linkin Park has made everyone, whether they listen to WNCI Top 40 or WAZU’s metal rampage believe that rock and rap must be blended together to succeed. But truth be told, Linkin Park make that formula look so easy where so many bands have failed miserably.

It was a snowy night to say the least, as over 7 inches of snow from the time doors opened until Brad Delson played the last note on his PRS guitar, but that didn’t stop anyone from coming to see the show. Whether they drove from two miles away or two hundred. Sitting in the administration room, all one could here was the receptionist saying into a non-stop ringing phone was, “Nationwide Arena, Linkin Park will not be cancelled.” No “hello” was needed. But despite the weather and lack of snow removal in our fair city, Chester, Mike and the rest of the wrecking crew know as Linkin Park made sure everyone’s quest through the snow and cold was worth every extra minute spent trying to get home.

For the few hundred who saw Linkin Park way back when play with Taproot at the lowly Newport Music Hall, it would be hard to believe that that is the same band that is now one of the most extravagant live bands on the road today. Then, Linkin Park was still defining themselves and their sound, and with even a few months of that initial show at the Newport, Linkin Park played Ozzfest and was quickly becoming one of the best live shows around. But it wasn’t by chance. This is a dedicated band that puts everything thought and particle of energy into each performance. Linkin Park really wants each fan to believe they are going to more than a concert, but they are experiencing a part of their life they will remember for a lifetime.

For us elders, we all have our shows we remember when we were growing up. For those who sweated, moshed, crowd surfed and all-around partied their tails off, this show was one the kids will look back on and say, “Remember when we saw Linkin Park…” And that is saying a lot, because shows are flying through Columbus, Ohio at an unbelievable rate. And sure, after any show, people will go back to school or work the next day and talk about it. But how many shows do you talk about 10 years later? Well, I guess that depends on how many Linkin Park concerts were seen.