Photos - Endo - August 3, 2003, Germain Amphitheater, Columbus, OH
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Dade County, Florida and Miami in particular are best known for one thing, the 2002 election fiasco. Well, and maybe the Dolphins. But when putting Miami and hard rock together, most would be hard pressed in linking the two together with the name of a successful band. But Endo is trying to bridge that gap.

Since their debut release Evolve in 2001, Endo seems to have been on the brink of breaking into the next level. With connections all over the music industry, including a track on the ever-hyped Dracula 2000 soundtrack, Endo seemed to be on their way to vast success. But since the release of Evolve, the band has done just that. As the line-ups have changed, Endo never really got the chance to support the record with a consistent tour. And for two years, Endo’s brink of success remained just that, a brink. Since the addition of guitarist Eli Parker and drummer Joe Eshkenazi, Endo has been fighting to break down the barrier between the haves and have nots. And maybe the 2003 release of Songs for the Restless will do that.

Endo was able to gain momentum around the record with a second-stage slot on Ozzfest and opening gigs for Marilyn Manson on the off dates. And for all those there in the sweltering heat and humidity of an Ozzfest, Endo was a welcome release.

Where many bands are about seriousness and deep-meaning lyrics, Endo comes out and meshes the fun of rock and roll while at the same time having lyrics that can tug at the hear strings. Zelick, who quite possibly could be the shortest bass player touring today, is able to take over a live audience with his twists, twirls and superficial facial ticks. But put together with the more subdued and serious vocals of Gil Bitton and the perfect oxymoron is created on stage. At no where in time does one outweigh the other, and together they blend the perfect blend of 70’s over-the-top rock-and-roll lifestyle with the 90’s serious and monotone grunge movement.

Serious meets hilarity and somewhere in the middle lies Endo. This is a great band with some good music, great live show and the ability to blend the over abundance of rock stardom with the down-to-earth seriousness of everyday life just may be what the music world ordered and allow Endo to break through the barrier.

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