Photos - Hootie & The Blowfish - July 15, 2003, Germain Amphitheater, Columbus, OH
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Interview - Dean Felber
Jason: I remember growing up and the Beach Boys were the big summer band and it seems you guys are taking that role as the summer-time fun band where people can go and have fun, drink some beers and listen to good music out in the sun.
Dean: We have always done better in the summer in the outdoors. We tour every year and it seems more people come out in the summer. We like to have fun and I think it shows in our shows.

Jason: Coming from a small college town, did you ever think you would out doing this a decade later playing outdoors amphitheaters?
Dean: No, hoped and always dreamed of it but never expected it to happen.

Jason: Have you felt your life change at all because of that or do you think it has stayed the same? You seem from the outside looking in that you guys are the same group of guys that still plays at clubs of 60 people.
Dean: Yea, we still try to book stuff like unannounced shows at bars. We love doing those, it would be one thing if we were doing it to make a living and support our families. I think variety is the spice of life it is great to have the option to play in an amphitheater to a lot of people its hard to beat that, but playing a cool bar back where we came from is one of our favorite things to do.

Jason: Being a local band, doing cover songs are what turns people out, if you had to go back to that what would some of the songs you would play?
Dean: We still do cover songs on our current set. We do Zeppelin cover song, I Go Blind cover song actually. I Go Blind we started playing back in one of our first bar shows ever. It ended up getting on the single and on the radio. Now everyone thinks it I our song. We are not going to quit doing covers, some people think there is a stigma to it or whatever, and a good song is a good song.

Jason: When the record first came out it was getting played on alternative stations and that was about it and now you guys have really become a top 40 mainstream band does that part surprise you?
Dean: Its weird how the music doesn’t change and the band doesn’t change and our perception goes so far. We used to be an alternative band and go to college towns and do interviews at the college alternative stations. That is how we got so popular, I remember after the second or third singles rock radio was saying they are to pop radio for us. It was like hold on you just made a killing on us and now we aren’t cool enough. Its weird how it works and also it has gone full circle and that’s it to.

Jason: On a daily basis your doing interviews and shows, and I even made the joke about you not being busy but it is probably more work then any one could expect.
Dean: It’s funny; we have friends come out onto the road with us and after two days there are calling their wives saying, “I’m coming back home.” Not many people are cut out for this its a lot work and a lot of travel. It’s a lot different then I thought it was growing up, going to see Van Halen and being like god I wonder what it is like. There is a really cool aspect to it, but the two hours we are playing every night is the best part of the day and everything else just goes along with it. There is a lot of PD, boredom and a lot of work.

Jason: The hard part has to be with the perception of you guys being the good time guys playing good time music and no matter what mood your in or how shitty of a day you’ve had always being in a good mood. That’s got to be a pretty tough chore.
Dean: We all have really good dispositions we all are pretty happy people. Compared to some of the bands we run into we really don’t have problems with bad attitudes. I think we all know that we are fortunate to do this, and the band as a whole is why we are so fortunate. Some bands get down on their bands and people in general. If we weren’t friends I don’t think we would be doing this.

Jason: To kind of move on to the new record and tour, what is your overall perception of the new record is it what you wanted to get out of it?
Dean: I think from my perspective it is the closest we have come to accomplishing what we set out to do. The writing improved the sound improved, we got Don to do it. We had the producer we wanted. The songs all sounded better them we wanted them to. It has always been our goal to make good albums not good songs, songs make up the album but for it to be good it needs to be awesome songs front and back.

Jason: Since your coming to Columbus soon what can people expect coming out to the show?
Dean: Expect to have fun. Like you said we are a summer time band. We are their to have fun. It is the best two hours of our day. We just love doing it and people feel that if you take the old songs it was a great concert and when you add the new songs it makes the concert even better. It is a summer rock show like you said it’s the 2000 version of the Beach Boys.

Jason: You have a really cool opening bill coming with you to Columbus now that you have done a couple of shows how do you feel the mix of bands is going?
Dean: That show with Big Head Todd we have done a couple of shows with them actually our first tour after we got signed was opening for Big Head Todd. Right when things started getting played on the radio we toured with them for two months.It is great to play with them. They are a great summer-time band whose songs are timeless.

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