Columbus, OH, Newport Music Hall, June 8, 20014


Written by: Amanda Sabol


Where to start on the Sheldon 'Hank' Williams III show at the Newport Music hall on June 8? Let's see… I had never seen III before in concert but was very familiar with his country albums, but knew he had several   metal/ punk albums as well. Upon entering the Newport and seeing both fans clad in John Deere attire and Slayer shirts, it was clear that his fan base was deep and wide. 


The first part of his set, and admittedly my favorite, was the country portion of the evening. III changed guitars about every three songs and even picked the banjo at a point. His band " The Damn Band" was equally impressive going to town on the fiddle, banjo, stand up bass, electric guitar and drums. Intertwining originals and a few covers, the crowd was enthralled by III. He interacted with the crowd frequently, reminding everyone that  "those in front want to have a good time and if you don't want to get pushed around, you shouldn't be there. " 


After over two hours of pickin, grinnin, and ass kickin country, III took a break and the band "3" played hellbilly punk, from the latest release  "A Fiendish Threat." 


Well into hour three, yes three, Hank returned, the lights dimmed and he suited up to finish the last leg of the show which was jamming metal. Ironically by this point, the crowd was exhausted and no one was moshing like they were during covers of 1950's country music. Strange… 


After four hours of entertainment, Hank III finally called it quits leaving the crowd was exhausted, amped and if you were like me, shaking your head at what you just witnessed. 

Hank Williams, III
Hank Williams, III