Papa Roach, Columbus, OH, Newport Music Hall, Nov. 17, 2004
Papa Roach’s live show can be summed up with one word, “WOW!”

Papa Roach took the stage at Newport Music Hall with a vengeance, opening the show with Dead Cell, and the crowd responded with a crazed vengeance right back at the band. From the first note of Dead Cell to the final chord of Last Resort, lead singer Jacoby Shaddix showed a more rock-star side than he has ever shown in the past. Unlike a few years ago where Jacoby seemed to be an inexperienced front man trying to appeal to fans with parlor tricks and shoddy dances, Jacoby has matured and uses his natural talent and love for his music to garner crowd frenzy. Yes, so for those into bad white-boy dances, sorry kids, there is no Running Man on stage this time.

Papa Roach has always hammed it up for the crowd and shown appreciation to their fans. This night was no different, as Papa Roach seemed so in love with what they do, that the crowd could do nothing else but feel that passion and devotion along with the band. Jacoby’s vocals were stronger and better then ever, and had an on-stage presence that contrasted from getting down and personal with the crowd to having an oblivious, self-introspective party helped to make this one of the top 2004 shows. With a new album out and two popular singles to back it up, including the ever-radio-present Getting Away With Murder, Papa Roach seems to be well on their way back to the top of the charts, and continuing a career that should last well into the future.

  • By Heather Jackson