Photos - Mest - October 30, 2002, Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH
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Mest has made their way through Columbus on numerous occasions over this past year, but this was their first headlining gig, and they made the most of it.

With three opening acts, including the non-so-spectacular Madcap and the surprising fun of Homegrown, Mest brought along Victory Records’ Catch 22 who added a flavor of ska and punk to the bill that helped keep the edge to the evening.

But there was no doubt is was Mest’s show to win or lose, and they brought home the victory gloriously. Although Mest may play diet punk, the kids there that night definitely had their fill. Mest was energetic, fun and all the while, were able to play songs off their Maverick Records ‘newest release, Destination Unknown, without a hitch.

The evening was off to a great start when two lovebirds got engaged during the Homegrown set, and it never let down from there. Catch 22 helped get the crowd ready for Mest, and the guys from Homegrown, who showed their asses more than Christina Aguilera in her new video, made the set of Mest more fun to watch than listen to.

This show was as punk as punk could be in an age of MTV and American Idols. There were a few old-school Mohawks and orange hair-dos. There were a few highbrow suburban schoolers with their Abercrombie punk gear, but no matter what the differences on the surface, they were all able to get down and enjoy the show together. Diet punk has a way of bringing out a variety of kids, adults and well, those who have probably yet to reach puberty and squawk out the infamous Peter Brady line, “Pork chops and applesauce.” But whether it’s a Blink 182 show or a more obscure Mest gig, they all blend nicely together to a jumping, crowd surfing sweaty mass of flailing limbs and hair.

As Mest plays through the computer speakers, these pixilated letters appear on the screen in remembrance of the show. Songs like “Fucked Up Kid,” “Chelsea” and “Opinions” were songs that sound good on CD and a million times better live with the energy and antics of Nick, Jeremiah, Matt and Tony. This was one show that when it came on the calendar, the excitement just wasn’t there. But Mest won me over. These guys are for real and with the saturation of new-school punk, who knows where Mest will fall in the deck of bands that are thrown in the air like 52-pickup. But they are the joker, the wildcard of the deck. And they probably won’t land on top, but we all want the joker in our hand.

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