Photos - Pink - September 14, 2002, Verizon Music Center, Indianapolis, IN
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The great thing about Pink is that she is not a good girl going bad, she is a bad girl just going rotten, and both her fans and non-fans are digging it. Opening for Lenny Kravitz is no easy feat for anyone, but when the word came that Pink was the opening act, there were more than a few naysayers. Me included. But as is par for the course with Pink, she proved her critics wrong.

Although most of her music has about as much edge as a toy made for a new born, Pink transformed that live into something almost dirty. Dressed in pajama bottoms, black thong and cropped tee with matching black bra, Pink was both lustful and energetic. Whether she was crawling underneath her female bass player’s legs for a view most men, boys and even some women in the crowd would kill for, or jutting her hips out, pointing down and singing “You can kiss my ass,” Pink was able to bridge the gap between the young and old that Kravitz brought to the near sold-out venue.

Young girls were dancing and singing along to the pop songs, oblivious to any sexual connotations and teasing being done on stage The older crowd was able to get into the edginess of Pink, even if they do not listen to her on the radio, at home or anywhere for that matter. And Pink herself was just having fun. There is no doubt that Pink enjoys what she does and could really give a shit what others think of her.

After media attention was gathered around her change from Pink hair to black, Pink made a great comment, saying she wanted to get away from being a novelty. She helped back that up with this tour. Many pop stars tend to follow whatever trend will get them record sales, and although novelties sell, they don’t last. Pink is moving from pop star to rock star, and by doing that, is allowing herself to create longevity in a business that normally allows the privileged, beautiful few to remain in the spotlight for a few years before discarding them for the next girl in a skirt.

Pink showed during her tour with Lenny that she wants to break the mold of pop divas and show a transformation can be made. We saw it with Madonna and although Britney Spears is trying, she is still associating herself to the pop world. What Pink is doing differently and more effectively is allowing those outside the pop world find out what she is all about. Hoping that they will accept her in their world as Madonna did. And so far, she is proving she should be accepted. The test will come when the next record is released. Will she prove she is a rocker or just another pop star trying unsuccessfully at the crossover? Only the fans can decide.

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