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Maybe the most special phenomenon about Jimmy Eat World is there is nothing phenomenal about their show, the band or their music. This is a group of four everyday Joes who go out and play their music to whoever will listen. And luckily enough for the band, about 60 percent of those there to listen were young women.

With their poppy, pseudo-punk sound, Jimmy Eat World is quickly rising up the power ladder with the likes of Blink 182, Sum 41 and if they can keep it going long enough, Green Day. Led by guitarist and singer Jim Adkins, Jimmy Eat World played their strengths and just allowed any weaknesses to arrive like the bum uncle during their one-hour set. On stage, J.E.W. is not the most charismatic band, in fact, Jim and the boys move around much like a carp trying to allow the last drop of water through its lungs while trying to keep the oxygen out. But playing live is what Jimmy Eat World does best. The produced a great sound in a club that has been known to make even some of the greats sound bad. However, be prepared to squint if you catch them live, because their lighting is lackluster at best. Using reds and blues with no white or yellow lights makes for a photographers nightmare and almost impossible to catch a good glimpse of the band.

The reason to go to a live concert is to not just hear the band play live, but to see the band play live as well. The bad lighting and dark clothing made seeing them almost non-existent except for those up close, which unless you are ready to lose about 20 kilos in sweat. But sound wise, Jimmy Eat World is great. They have a very embracing sound that allows all in attendance to feel united and together in the sound.

Although most believe Jimmy Eat World only has the one CD out, self titled now but was once called Bleed American, Jimmy has been at this music thing for a while. Unlike most bands in their genre that are signed before getting wet behind the ears, Jimmy Eat World has soaked themselves in the last five years. And that soaking has translated to a live show that is nothing spectacular, lyrics are not very deep, and an appearance that is not memorable. But when you add all that blandness together, you get a decent spice and a good rock show.

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