Photos - Sheryl Crow - September 9, 2002, Polaris Amphitheater
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It would have been almost impossible for a better time to have Sheryl Crow in Columbus. As the nights are getting longer and the weather changing, Crow hit the Polaris Amphitheater with one last blast of summer-time fun. Where not just a few days before it seemed the days went on until 9 p.m., when Crow came out, there was definitely no sun to soak up, but plenty of good music too the place of the rays.

With her long, highlighted wavy hair and signature Gibson guitar strapped over her shoulder, Crow came out looking like a teenager. Donning an open-cut vest and tight pants, all eyes remained focused on the openly sexual singer. Not allowing her age to play a part in her appearance, Crow has definitely taken the turn at being a sex symbol in music. From her risque cover photo shoots to her videos, Crow shows she is as comfortable with her body as she is with her music.

And it would seem that the freeing up of her sexuality has allowed her to free up her persona. This night, Crow played a tight set while still managing to have a good time. Her music is often associated with events, as it seems almost every week you can hear her music being played at sporting events, festivals and television. But when that happens, an aura forms around the music that had to be lived up to. When people are at these events or seeing them on TV, the feeling they have watching are now associated with the song. And that can be a very good thing, but it can easily turn bad if the performer cannot manage to bring that feeling back to the listener in a live setting.

Crow seemed to do a great job of getting that nostalgic feeling back into the crowd. Her sultry voice sounded just as good live as recorded, which comes as no surprise as she was once a tremendous back-up singer for the likes of Eric Clapton among others.

But aside from her own record that she is touring on, C’mon C’mon, Sheryl can be found on Kid Rock’s new record, Cocky, and others that show she is all about having fun. She is taking the motto that made her famous in the pop culture world and living by those words.

Opening the set as she does C’mon, C’mon with “Steve McQueen,” the tempo was set for the night and all were ready to play along with whatever Crow wanted to do. Her set was just over an hour and a half and in that time, all the fan favorites were played like they were playing them for the first time. No where did Crow or the band seem bored with what was going on, and that excitement fed into the crowd.

Crow has come along way with her live performance since her days opening at Lilith Fair. She has taken control by letting loose. With no inhibitions and allowing herself the freedom to be herself and be comfortable with herself, Crow has opened up a side of her that has been dying to come out, on stage or off, and all were thankful and appreciative this night in Columbus.

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