Photos - Tommy Lee, Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH Aug. 4, 2002
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Ozzy Osbourne may have had “Diary of a Madman,” but Tommy Lee may well be living the diary of “Badman.” From his video exploits to his never-ending trail of beautiful ex-wives and girlfriends, Lee has made the news so often due to his private life that many people forget he is a great musician. But listening to his new solo effort, “Never A Dull Moment” reminds us that even in music, Lee is as exciting as a homemade porn movie.

Lee uses a mix if his 80s rock influences, mixes them with the techno-age of 2000 and when he came to play live in Columbus, OH, he brought out no stops. From a droll-manifesting blonde dancing in sheer nothingness to he “Titty Cam,” there was no doubt why this show was 21 and over. Wait, whoa, did I say Titty Cam? Oh yea. “Ah, a video camera, my new best friend,” said Lee as he points it out to the hundreds of women in the audience, pleading with them to bare all. And bare them they did. From big to small, from flabby to fake, pairs of breast were seen popping out all over the venue!

But what if you were in the back? Never fear. Lee broadcast his camera exploits in a giant screen behind the stage for all to see in larger-than-life digital beta-cam format.

Sure, it’s true that even I could be good in front of a bunch of bare breasts and exotic dancers But Lee also played a memorable set of both new music and songs from his previous experiment, Methods of Mayhem. (Maybe some remember them from Ozzfest two years ago?) Lee didn’t rely on his past to make him popular in the future. He is allowing himself to grow and gain new fans as well as keeping some of the ol’ Motley Crue fans happy. Lee was able to get crazy on “Afterglow,” but it’s when he tones it down and begins to sing that it’s forgotten Lee was a drummer for one of the most popular bands in the late 1980s and early 1990s and has started a musical entity he can call is own. With his voice, his riffs, his influence and his guidance, Tommy Lee has made a great stride in his career. Where Methods of Mayhem failed, this solo venture won. Not because the talent was different or because his off-stage exploits made him a pop icon. It’s because this CD is Tommy Lee. It is heard from the first note on the CD to the last scream on stage. Lee has found himself and people may not like it, but at least it was done his way.

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